Max Parini is the owner of Italy Rome Tour and has spent many years providing his services as an Official Tour Guide in Rome and professional driver in Italy.  Having grown up in and around Rome, Max lives and breathes this city and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of sharing his enthusiasm and expertise with thousands of English-speaking clients from all around the world.  Now Max has agreed to share that intricate knowledge of his home city with the De Luxe Series European Team.

What motivated you to set up Italy Rome Tours and what do you offer different to other travel organisations in the country?

I decided to found Italy Rome Tour for the love I have for my work and in my city, but especially for my clients- we exclusively offer private tours for small groups, families, couples or individuals.
If we compare Italy Rome Tour to all the other tour companies in Italy, we offer a variety of services ranging from simple driver guides to the licensed tour guide.  We offer combinations of the two services, but will only charge the customer for one.  We also provide VIP tours and exclusive excursions all around Italy.

Can you outline the benefits clients receive by scheduling a private tour?

With us, you will experience a Rome tour based on your unique wishes, needs and desires.  We operate on your schedule and at your pace.  We don’t waste your time traveling to and seeing sights you are not interested in, but we also don’t just drop you off and leave you to wander around on your own.  On your Italy Rome Tour, you will not compete with a crowd of others to see, hear or ask the guide questions.  Our Rome sightseeing tours include just you and the members of your party.  We can show you all of the city’s famous attractions, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Vatican Museums, and St Peter’s Basilica and , as an added bonus, we can also show you the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ side of Rome.

Your Italy Rome Tour’s Guide is a driver and a Licensed Guide with no limits of entering inside all Museums and Monuments: just two people in one, as a driver plus a Rome Guide, means that you pay less with us than booking with some other Companies, make the deal with us and you’ll either be happy, or reimbursed!  These Tour Guides are provided with Rome tours only, from the Port of Civitavecchia, Livorno, La Spezia and Naples instead you’ll have an English speaking driver guide who will explain all the attractions from outside only, and during a tour of the Vatican Museum you’ll have an additional Tour Guide.

When you plan a Tour, it’s better to follow a Private Tour of Rome with a Tour Guide who is allowed to visit all the attractions inside with you, not from outside only.  We provide tourists from all over the world with this service: a Rome sightseeing complete, very flexible to make your travel in Rome unforgettable.

Does Italy Rome Tours attract a specific type of traveller?

Italy Rome Tour is dedicated to all travellers.  From VIP to families that want to enjoy the cities as only the locals do.

What destinations are currently most popular and why do you think this is?

The most popular destination is Rome; the eternal city is filled with history, charm and incredible beauty.  I remind you that in Rome there’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colosseum.
Florence is popular for the cultural and historical impact, which is simply overwhelming.  The Medici family, who brought to to the Florence Court all the most important Italian Renaissance artists, completely changed this amazing city into one of the most beautiful in the world.  And of course, Florence is very famous for shopping.
Venice, “the floating city,” is very romantic and known for the Grand Canal where tourists can take a gondola ride.  Then there’s the Amalfi Coast with all his unique flavours; the characteristic beach, exceptional food and stunning panoramic views.  It’s a small corner of paradise where thousands of people visit each year to find their spot of tranquillity and relaxation.

As a local expert can you tell us a little about the hidden attractions situated off-the-beaten-path which only a true Roman will know about?

This is a secret, but I can give you a sneak peak of what we can arrange for those looking to do something a bit different to the norm.  The underground tour explores centuries of history buried in the subterranean layers that lie beneath five churches throughout the city.  Escorted by a private archeologist – who is also an official tour guide – roam the unground world of ancient Rome.  30 feet below the surface, visitors will uncover ancient Roman baths, villas, frescoes, auditoriums, catacombs and aqueducts, and discover the hidden secrets including the Basilica of San Clemente and its underground levels.  Experience a history that takes you back thousands of years, layer by layer.  Its going to be a huge surprise!

How much historical and cultural knowledge do your guides impart?

Our Licenced tour guides are all archaeologists and architects, which means that we can go deep inside all the history of our territory.  They can expertly balance history with funny stories for the kids – and also take you to be best place to get a good gelato.

What is your favourite destination in Rome?

As a Roman, My favourite destination is the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, the symbol of the city.  Although, a piece of my heart is located in Via del Corso where I was born, which isn’t far from People Square.

Can you tell us about your most memorable travel experience?

There are many incredible experiences I can tell you about, such as my times visiting Australia, USA and Canada, but my most cherished memories are the times I had the pleasure to meet influential and celebrated people here in Rome, such as Celine Dion, Kenny G, Oprah Winfrey, Gale King, Glenn Frey, and Lenny Kravitz.  I was very lucky to show them around my beautiful city.

Aside from your day tours; can you also cater for extended visits?

Yes it is possible to have at your full disposal the same driver all across Italy.  We offer the best tours across all the major cities.  We can arrange tours every day of your holiday, and guests can customise their experience with us.

With so much to see and do in Rome, how will you make sure your clients get to fit everything in whilst also ensuring they have enough time to appreciate the sights and sites thoroughly?

Most of the people who come to Rome stop for at least two or three days to have more time to enjoy the various monuments.  For those who have limited time instead, we offer our Rome in One Day Tour that gives the tourists the possibility to see the most important sights, such as the Vatican Museums and Ancient Rome, without haste or stress.  In order to see the full city in all its glory you’ll need two lifetimes, but we’ll be able to show you the most important monuments in just one day, and our customers will become our friends and are sure to leave Rome with great memories.

About Italy Rome Tours

Italy Rome Tour is a private tour company based in Rome committed to making your Italian stay a memorable one.  Their private Rome tours are always personalised to reflect your interests – they suggest, but you decide.  For many years families, couples and individuals from all over the world have chosen Italy Rome Tours for private tours including the major destinations of Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompei, Positano, Amalfi coast, Assisi, and shore excursions from the major ports in Italy.

Allow Max and his team to explain and describe all of the attractions they take you to.  They make sure you don’t miss anything important.  Italy Rome Tour isn’t just another tour of the city.  It’s exactly how cities in Italy should be seen and experienced, up close and personal.  Italy Rome Tours creates experience.

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