Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year: Aisling Hanly Enhance Facial Aesthetics

Dr Aisling Hanly opened her clinic, Enhance Facial Aesthetics, with the aim of helping patients achieve youthful, healthy looks through market-leading treatments. Enhance uses a combination of advanced, progressive skincare procedures that really make a difference. Dr Hanly regularly attends masterclasses conducted by industry leaders.

Enhancing natural beauty

Dr Hanly’s approach to her work has always been about ensuring their work enhances the natural beauty their patients walk in with, avoiding the false and artificial looks many of their competitors offer. The aesthetic practitioner understands the best possible procedures to use for transformative effects without looking unnatural and synthetic. Her training and innate appreciation for how best to make the most of your own features means patients are never recommended treatments they don’t need.

State-of-the-art treatments

Being a medical aesthetic practitioner is a role that Dr Hanly does not take lightly and the team consistently works hard to improve awareness of the ever-evolving aesthetics world. She attended the 2020 World Experts Meeting in Barcelona. Aisling is dedicated to carrying out her work to a fantastically high standard, using advanced techniques and products. She works tirelessly to ensure her patients are provided with highly personalised and safe options that have been handpicked and specifically designed to accomplish results.

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by the amiable and reassuring manner of Dr Aisling Hanly, whose goal is always to put her patients at ease and change the way they see themselves. New patients can often arrive at the clinic unsure about how to tackle their personal aesthetic concerns, which is where Dr Hanly’s expertise comes in. Dr Hanly seeks to simplify the process by providing treatment plans to suit every client, alongside advice and industry knowhow that ensures they make the right choices to achieve their desired outcome. Her focus is on helping patients feel confident and empowered by embracing a fresh aesthetic that simply brings to life what was always there.

“Dr Hanly’s focus is on helping patients feel confident and empowered by embracing a fresh aesthetic that enhances what was always there.”