What topic is hot right now in Wellness?

The subject of CBD oil. Its an emerging market which is rapidly gaining momentum. Predicted to be a multi-billion dollar industry within the next three years. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. Scientific studies confirm that it may help ease symptoms such as chronic pain and anxiety.

What wellness trend can spas introduce to their offering?

I would suggest ‘sound therapy’. Particular favourites are the gong and crystal singing bowls. A calming session of sound , can offer stress relief. It can lower blood pressure, reduces fatigue, slows down the heart rate with therapeutic, sound therapy also offering a profound sense of peace.

What one thing is the building block of Wellness?

I am a great believer in the commitment to improving your sleep routine. I have one which consists of shutting off the laptop and phone and coming away from social media an hour or more before my bedtime. I do some breathing exercises and yoga, before a warm essential oil filled bath, before jumping into bed to read for a short time. I would suggest to spas, if they don’t already, to introduce the ancient technique of yoga nidra to help unwind the nervous system and induce restorative sleep.

Can you suggest a beneficial wellness app?

As I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis, I enjoy using My Healthy Gut app
Created by a registered dietician, a health tech entrepreneur and a health psychology researcher, it suits me and my lifestyle. It provides celiacs, those with gluten intolerance and those wanting to live gluten-free, with easy to access tools to manage and improve their digestive health.

I also really love the idea of Elefriends which is the app from the mental health charity Mind. Its been designed to help bring people together in a supportive online community. Described as a ‘safe place to listen, share and to be heard’.

What should we be looking more closely at in the world of wellness?

I think it will need to be that of ‘wellness tourism’. The Global Wellness Institute predicts that during this year, wellness tourism will continue as the fastest growing sector in travel, resulting in a possible $800bn market worth. Taking responsibility for one’s health is the best long-term investment an individual can make and a wellness holiday, can often be the kick start that is needed. There are so many wellness retreats offered for groups, couples and single people from a mindfulness retreat, to a stress-management break to a complete health reboot. It’s another growing sector and its time for it to become more sophisticated to keep up with the consumer’s expectations.

About Juliet Wheater 
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