Turning Back The Clock On Ageing Skin – An Interview With Kristina Carter (Flavo Beauty Clinic)


Skin changes like wrinkles or loose, sagging patches are amongst the most visible signs of ageing, and their (what seems like) sudden appearance or increase can seriously affect an individual’s confidence. Those looking to “reverse” such effects may turn to all manner of home remedies calling for superfood-infused or essential oil-packed face masks, but the probability that these treatments will result in drastic and long-lasting changes is not among the highest (let’s be real). Proving that science provides the solution we can truly rely on is Hertfordshire-based beauty clinic Flavo.

Its team of dedicated therapists and aestheticians are experts in their craft, offering an array of services to suit individual client requirements. Plus, the business runs its own training academy, with the team’s knack for teaching present in its day-to-day dealings with customers, who always receive insider advice and tips for maintaining treatment results. Here we caught up with Director Kristina Carter to find out more about what the salon offers those looking to turn back the clock on ageing skin – no matter if you’re a customer or a student.

 What are the main services you provide?

Flavo Beauty Clinic’s main areas of expertise are artificial beauty, skincare and beautifying using medical injections.

Can you tell us more about the selection process for your product range?

While we are committed to using top-of-the-range products, we do have some more budget-friendly options, with newly qualified staff undertaking such treatments using more affordable products. This allows our clients to choose both the aesthetician and the products according to their specific budgets and expectations of the outcome.

We also educate our clients on the importance of aftercare and home care under the slogan “Flavo takes a step in the direction of preventing ageing, please don’t turn off the path”. Thus, encouraging clients to keep up with treatments and not forget the things they themselves can do to maintain results.

Have you noticed any shifts or trends in the types of procedures being requested?

The biggest shift in terms of trends is the rise of all things minimal and natural. At Flavo, we are able to meet this growing demand with natural anti-ageing offerings that use first-rate medical and powerful equipment to achieve a more youthful look.

We also provide our clients with all the necessary information and tips to help them look after their skin, which we encourage them to begin utilising as soon as they notice signs of the ageing process. Despite our high quality and carefully selected treatment plans, unfortunately, it is not always possible to make a client in her 50s look 10 years younger if said client has exhibited bad habits or a non-existent skincare routine for the majority of her life.

How do the team of highly trained beauticians and aestheticians ensure the best possible results?

Flavo’s team has a combined experience of more than 20 years, which we make use of to deliver expert services to our clients seven days a week. Before we begin any treatments, we always hold a consultation to run through a particular client’s budget, expectations and areas of concern. Having this information enables us to put together a personalised treatment plan that considers a client’s habits, lifestyle, needs and how quickly the client is looking to achieve improvement.

Are the procedures painful, and if so, how does the team ensure minimal discomfort levels?

Pain levels depend on the treatment in question. We are honest about the potential pain caused and compare it to something a client might have possibly experienced in the past. We want our clients to be aware of realistic expectations. Of course, everyone’s pain threshold is different, and this is why we often provide comparisons such as: “After this treatment, you will feel like you have been stung by a bee” or “You will feel like you have sunburn”. It is then up to our clients to decide if they are ready to have injectable treatments or if they would rather stick to a medical facial path.

It is in our practice to provide the lowest level of discomfort; we reduce the pain with numbing cream as well as numbing injections. With our regular customers, we also tend to know what clients prefer. For example, we have a client who likes to hold an ice pack on her wrists. Flavo always accommodates clients’ wishes to ensure treatments are as comfortable as they possibly can be.

How important is the quality of the equipment and facilities in achieving the desired outcome?

Our strongest selling point is the quality we provide, especially for our skin tightening services, which rests on our heavy investment in technology. Our machinery is industry leading and comprises all the latest innovations. I tend to joke with my clients, “I can almost fit into it, and it’s the same price as ¼ of my mortgage”. Yet this is not a joke. Seriously, we are an honest salon and clinic and want our clients to get the best outcome from their selected treatments.

How can other salons and practitioners benefit from your vast experience?

Flavo is also a training academy, offering courses for beginners as well as masterclasses for beauticians and aestheticians looking to upgrade their knowledge and gain further confidence in their practice. Our training academy boasts a number of awards, and we’re not shy to say it – we deserve it, given that we really do put our heart and soul into every single client and every single student. Students can choose to complete their training over Zoom calls or in-person, with Flavo also able to travel out to businesses and hold tailored sessions. This latter offering is curated towards helping such companies to progress and improve not just in terms of the treatments they provide, but also in client engagement, marketing and promotions, as well as the establishment of a solid client base.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are happy to help anyone who needs advice in beauty treatment training, as well as those seeking assistance in starting or saving a business. There isn’t such a thing as a silly question, but there is such a thing as lost time due to contemplating, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us: sales@flavo.co.uk.