Sauna van Egmond is a wellness spa based in Haarlem, Netherlands. The historical building blends traditional Dutch sauna rituals with other thoughtful, innovative and modern facilities, such as the infrared cabin and the caldarium maximus, to create a fulfilling wellness experience. The general manager of Sauna van Egmond is K.C. Aalders has been working in the wellness industry for over 30 years and is also a board member of the Dutch Select Wellness Group, a partnership of 25 high-end wellness companies.

Firstly, you are based in Haarlem. What can you tell us about this historic city?

Haarlem is situated between Amsterdam and the North Sea coast, an ideal base for exploring the Netherlands. It is an ancient city located near the beautiful river Spaarne, just 15 miles from Amsterdam. In the centre of Haarlem, with its many medieval buildings, you will find the famous “Grote Markt”, the central square of the city. The oldest museum in the Netherlands, Teylers Museum, is located here and attracts tourists from all over the world. In the famous Frans Hals Museum you can admire the paintings of the Dutch master. Haarlem has also been voted the best shopping city in the Netherlands for a few years in a row.

When visiting the Haarlem area in spring or summer, don’t miss a trip to the world-famous flower growing region. With this iconic area producing around 70% of the world’s commercial flower output, take some time to get lost in fields brimming with millions of blossoming flowers in every colour of the rainbow.

During a visit to Haarlem, visitors should obviously make the trip to Sauna van Egmond. Can you talk us through the spa and wellness facilities on offer?

Sauna van Egmond has been a household name in Haarlem (and far beyond) for more than 44 years. It offers extensive spa and sauna facilities, including the only caldarium maximus in the Netherlands – a heated cabin with an ingenious oven that throws water over the hot stones every 15 minutes.

Other facilities include a swimming pool with an exceptional view and built-in whirlpool, and a marble tiled steam bath. Of course there are also sauna cabins, foot baths, and an ice cold plunge pool. There is also a Sanarium, which is a mix between a sauna cabin and a steam bath. Soothed by relaxing sounds of nature, the beautiful infrared cabin offers warmth that penetrates deep into the muscles to relax the body and mind.

At Sauna van Egmond you can also receive an exclusive treatment – using the French spa brands Thalgo and Cinq Mondes – in the luxurious beauty salon; enjoy a meal in the renowned restaurant; or go to see a blockbuster movie in the little cinema. For the sun worshipers, the trendy roof terrace is an absolute must-see!

What are the main benefits of sauna?

A day at the sauna is not only very relaxing, it is also very healthy. One of the ways in which our bodies get rid of toxins is by sweating and that’s exactly what you do in the sauna. Many gyms have a sauna and for good reason too. The intense heat allows the blood to flow to our tired and stiff muscles, so they recover faster and become more relaxed. The warmth of the sauna also offers mental wellness through relaxation of the mind as well as the body. This has to do with the fact that we do not need to do anything at all in the sauna. There are no external stimuli; just heat and a nice smell. The heat also stimulates the release of endorphins and these happiness hormones give you a good feeling. That’s why you always leave the sauna so cheerful.

What is the proper sauna etiquette?

Sauna guests who visit for the first time always get a tour where we explain the sauna etiquette. We show all spa facilities and explain how they work. When visiting Sauna van Egmond you need a bathrobe, at least two towels and slippers, you can bring your own but of course you can rent them at the spa. You do not need anything else, except maybe a few spare hours. With your admission ticket, the use of all spa facilities is included all day long.

In the sauna area everyone goes their own way. Of course there is sometimes a chat with other sauna guests, but generally everyone is minding their own business. Sauna van Egmond is a typical Dutch spa. The use of the spa facilities is typically done without swimwear, although in the lounge and restaurant the spa guests do wear a bathrobe. Usually you make two or three sauna rounds during your visit and in between you can use the various rest areas such as the lounge, the silence room or the small cinema where you can watch a movie. Sauna van Egmond also has a cosy bar and a well-established restaurant.

Who is your typical clientele?

Our client base is very diverse, attracting both women and men of various ages. The typical sauna visitor is calm and knows how to enjoy the fun and beautiful things in life. Sauna guests respect each other and their environment.

Away from the sauna, can you talk us through your spa menu and packages?

At Sauna van Egmond you can find a selection of exclusive treatments. We are the only spa in the Netherlands where you can be treated with the two best spa cosmetics brands in the world: Thalgo and Cinq Mondes:

  • Thalgo is the most famous spa brand, offering products and treatments that are based on the sea. There is a fundamental connection that links the oceans to human life. The oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface, just like 70% of the human body consists of water. The oceans represent an inexhaustible source of beauty, rich in active molecules, which allows Thalgo to offer everyone in the world gentler, more effective and outstanding marine cosmetics.
  • Cinq Mondes offers deep regeneration of the mind and body through its treatments and products, inspired by beauty rituals from all over the world. The fragrances and textures of the Cinq Mondes products take you on journeys around the world. What’s more, the different massage techniques and treatment protocols are unique and really effective.

Do you have any notable signature treatments?

We have an exclusive body treatment room with Gharieni treatment couches. Here you can go for the two most complete body treatments, known as the “Spa Experiences”. Our “Spa Experience Indoceane”, which is based on treatments from the Far East, and the “Spa Experience Polynesia”, where you make a fictional journey to the South Pacific, are constructed from four elements that allow you to feel ultimate relaxation. Our body treatment salon is equipped for couples too, so you can also undergo this treatment with a friend or loved one.

Can you talk us through the experience and specialisation of your team?

We work exclusively with qualified and experienced therapists. This also applies to the massage parlour, where you will be pampered by our dedicated massage therapists. Sauna van Egmond offers various massage treatments, such as a hot stone massage and aroma massage. Our beauty specialists are trained every year by Thalgo and Cinq Mondes to keep up to date with the latest techniques and developments in their field.

What do you consider to be the standout feature of Sauna van Egmond?

Sauna van Egmond is distinguished by the layout of our building. We are located in a former bathhouse that has been adapted to our modern needs whilst retaining historic details. The interior is completely done without the help of any interior designer and therefore our interior is completely unique. We have tried to create a cosy and atmospheric environment where our guests feel at ease. Even with the restaurant, Sauna van Egmond distinguishes itself from fellow spa companies. Sauna van Egmond offers live cooking seven days a week and has an extensive menu that also focuses on the vegetarian guest or guests with special dietary requirements. Chef Bas van Nimwegen and his team have put together a balanced menu; from finger food to a three-course menu, the possibilities are endless.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sauna van Egmond is a full service spa. The staff will do their best to optimise the sauna visit of all their guests.