Zanetti Trgovina d.o.o. Wins Sustainable Product Development Company of the Year

Winners in the Croatia Prestige Awards 2021/22

Based in the picturesque island of Mali Lošinj, Zanetti Trgovina d.o.o. is the institute for pharmacological research and development. It has recently partnered with Italy-based San Luigi Gonzaga, an innovative research and development company with a strong focus on galenic and herbal supplements. The collaboration has led to the creation of the HyaluWell® line of products, which are designed to improve health and wellbeing not just in the European market but across the globe. The unique product line is created with five key focuses in mind – tradition, innovation, safety, research, and nature.

Innovative ingredients

One of the main activators in HyaluWell® is hyaluronic acid, which already has some presence in the human body but is produced less as we age. It is recognised as a solution for keeping skin nourished, improving joint lubrication, reducing inflammation and promoting growth and development in both cartilage and bone via the creation of new cells and tissues. The supplement also boasts the benefit of sublingual absorption, which takes place through the body’s lymphatic system. Effectively, it bypasses the first point of metabolism by not entering your stomach or digestive system, meaning the product can get to work faster. Many remedies using the standard method of digestion are often wasted, with a high percentage of the nutrients – and therefore benefits – lost to naturally occurring acid in the stomach and intestines.

Supplements for every need

Whilst HyaluWell® is the flagship supplement, the range has a number of specific products under its umbrella including HyaluWell PLUS®, HyaluWell Fast®, laluLady®, and laluRadio X Lymphatic Transport ® which all have a different focus. HyaluWell PLUS® lends itself to the wellbeing of cartilage, bones, and joints for both men and women, but also maintains throat and cardiovascular health. HyaluWell Fast® aids in the improvement of eye health, whilst laluLady® is designed for women’s general health, including relieving menstrual discomfort. The laluRadio X Lymphatic Transport ® is specifically designed to support the health of people who are undergoing, or have previously undergone radiotherapy sessions, with hyaluronic acid once again an active ingredient in treating any rheumatic or dermatological symptoms that occur from those therapies.

Ancient traditions

Orazio Zanetti Monterubbianesi, the entrepreneur behind Zanetti and San Luigi Gonzaga, has a family history in the herbalist industry dating back 150 years. His ancestors created the Augusto Latini workshop in Arezzo, Italy, which was one of very few professional laboratories at the time where both galenic and herbal study were combined to great effect. Pure plant extracts were studied in order to work out how they could be beneficial to human wellbeing, and the art of distillation alongside key chemical knowledge brought about a level of experimentation that has led scientists to what they know today – raw, unfiltered materials can possess key health benefits. Now, the lab continues to innovate and develop, without losing sight of the traditions that it was founded upon.

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by the use of pure ingredients in HyaluWell® supplements, ensuring that the product remains completely safe to use, natural, and eco-friendly. HyaluWell® is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as both diabetics and coeliacs as it does not contain any parabens, gluten or lactose. Demonstrating a further commitment to sustainability, the company does not test on animals, and derives nothing from animal sources to ensure that all supplements are completely cruelty-free and kind to the environment.

The judges were particularly impressed by the use of pure ingredients in HyaluWell® supplements, ensuring that the product remains completely safe to use, natural, and eco-friendly.