Whistler Medical Aesthetics Wins Aesthetics Clinic of the Year

Winners in the Canada Prestige Awards 2020/21

Whistler Medical Aesthetics is a state-of-the-art aesthetics clinic delivering an array of treatments for facial, body and skin enhancements. Based in the heart of the Sea-to-Sky region, the practice is passionate about helping patients feel like the best versions of themselves, offering the least invasive yet most effective treatments available. Owner, founder and medical director, Dr Sarah Kennea, specialises in aesthetics, using injectables, lasers and RF technology to achieve beautiful, age-appropriate results. Since its founding in 2017, the clinic has enjoyed exponential growth, increasing its number of staff and recently opening a new 3,000 square foot practice in Whistler’s Marketplace.

Leading treatments

The main appeal of Whistler Medical Aesthetics is its diverse and cutting-edge treatments, provided with a focus on skin health, positive ageing and wellness. From dermal fillers, Botox and intravenous therapies to body sculpting, therapeutic injectables and laser treatments for skin issues or cancer prevention, the clinic is uniquely positioned to deliver world-leading aesthetics.

Whistler Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to setting new standards in the industry through its development of motion technology and the power of light. It uses state-of-the-art facilities and equipment – such as Sciton lasers and Broadband Light (BBL™) – to treat and care for skin conditions as well as help refresh tired appearances, restore lost volume and most significantly, slow down tell-tale signs of ageing. Furthermore, it is the only clinic in Western Canada to house the complete range of BTL Aesthetics EM equipment – Emsculpt, Emtone, Emsella, Vanquish ME, and Exilis.


The impressive reputation garnered by Whistler Medical Aesthetics is not just based on its leading treatments. Instead, they combine innovative techniques with a caring ethos to ensure industry-leading, natural results. The main goal for Dr Kennea is to leave clients’ looking as if they have not had treatment, merely enhancing and restoring previously beautiful features. Although injectable aesthetics are often portrayed negatively courtesy of unnatural and unrealistic results, it is Sarah’s passion to combat that train of thought, instead focusing on how to conduct treatment intelligently, with due care and diligence. Utilising the Allergan MD Codes developed by Dr De Maio, a revolutionary technique that outlines a series of injection points, she delivers a more holistic service, understanding how important it is for clients to feel good about themselves, empowering them for the future.   

Success to date

Appealing to patients from all walks of life, Whistler Medical Aesthetics have enjoyed great levels of success to date. Courtesy of the clinic’s impressive reputation, it has attracted clients from far and wide including a number of Hollywood celebrities. Those whose career depends on their appearance place faith in the clinic’s ability to deliver natural, subtle results, with patients regularly praising the team’s intricate eye for detail and compassionate approach. For instance, Dr Kennea’s aesthetic work on actors is guided by a study of their face in action on the screen.

Above all, whether you are an internationally renowned celebrity or a local resident looking for a confidence boost, the clinic guarantees a professional and high quality service that has enabled it to reach their position as industry leaders today.

Judges’ comments

The judges were particularly impressed with the combination of an exceptionally talented team and state-of-the-art equipment that has enabled Whistler Medical Aesthetics to provide a range of industry-leading treatments. Their approach is completely different from other clinics, boasting an unmatched dedication to connect and understand the needs of their clients. The judges also praised Dr Kennea for her research endeavours which are reflected in her current participation on a number of clinical papers she is writing with colleagues from the Canadian Allergen faculty.

“Backed by state-of-the-art facilities and a vastly experienced team, Whistler Medical Aesthetics delivers the ultimate in facial, body and skin enhancements.”

Website: https://www.whistlermedicalaesthetics.com/