Qii House Wins Holistic Wellness Retreat of the Year

Qii House is an eco-meditation and relaxation retreat, offering unique stays for guests to enjoy the serene and harmonious space. Owner and creator, Heather Kolb, has intentionally transformed the architecturally impressive house into a secret sanctuary that takes advantage of its location and provides a fantastic opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in nature and forest therapy. As well as its restorative qualities, the wellbeing destination also offers a variety of additional services for guests to choose from upon their arrival. These include some more obviously associated wellness pursuits, such as yoga and meditation, but also a range of forest walks, bathing detoxes and Japanese-influenced gardens, food and drink. The retreat is available for individuals looking to get away from it all, corporate excursions for businesses hoping to decompress and makes for a singular wedding destination.

Wellness through nature

One of the most important aspects of Qii House is its focus on wellness through nature, which it achieves via a number of different activities and inspirations – none more so than its celebration of forest therapy. The research-based therapeutic modality was first endorsed in Japan by the World Economic Health Forum in 1982 and has since gone on to help participants benefit from and absorb the healing powers of nature. Along with Japanese-inspired gardens, a tranquil bath house and peaceful billabong, this unique property is proudly home to an INFTA internationally certified and accredited rainforest Forest Therapy Trail: The Zaborin Walk. The purpose-built trail has been carefully curated to help guests experience the many benefits of slowing down and taking in the natural medicine offered by the forest and is the only accredited forest therapy trail on private property in Australia.

Healing body and soul

A booking at Qii House is an opportunity for guests to connect with nature through all their senses. The activities and environment have been deliberately handpicked to enhance its already stunning location and architecture and spending time at the retreat has been proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, improve your mood and reduce stress. After an hour or two of moving mindfully throughout the lush greenery – with a guide or on their own – guests have reported feeling a positive shift in their temperament, which continues long after they return to their ordinary lives. Heather spends a considerable amount of time at her retreat and has detailed the transformative impact it has on sharpening focus, eliciting a greater creative drive, and supporting existing meditation practices.

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by the comprehensively positive results guests have experienced from staying at Qii House. The retreat offers a perfect space to inspire a weary spirit and to detox away from the frantic pace of urban living. Heather has created an enchanting space that drives away the complications and frustrations of modern life and delivers a safe and secure environment where individuals can feel at one with the world. Qii House is able to change the inner attitudes that can sometimes keep us running in circles and guests can expect to alter the outer aspects of their lives towards a balanced, healing lifestyle.

Website: www.qiihouselorne.com.au