EMPREBASK MEXICO Wins Business Support NPO of the Year – Mexico

Based in Mexico City, Emprebask Mexico works alongside enterprises and businesses to help them more effectively sell their products and services globally. The non-profit venture is formed of an association of Basque companies based in Mexico and helps them to establish and build leadership in-house, while supporting their relationships with clients and partners across the country. Through close consultation, the NPO is able to bolster brands and generate leads for businesses in any field of industry and has become an invaluable resource for their clients. From start-ups to well established companies, the business experts have the skills and experience necessary to help propel clients to the next level.

The judges were particularly impressed by the collaborative approach adopted by the experts at Emprebask Mexico, who work diligently and cooperatively with their clients to help them achieve their individual goals. The specialists highlight the options available to clients that are essential for them to differentiate themselves from the competition and by establishing a permanency of input through consistent and comprehensive support they are a crucial aspect of their clients’ strategies moving forward. Through their help with publications, events and networking, Emprebask Mexico continues to be transformative for so many businesses.

Website: www.emprebask.mx