The German capital is achingly cool. Rather than following the trends, Berliners set their own style. It is this ‘not giving a fuck’ attitude that has seen an explosion of creativity across the city – from its unique fashion and raucous nightlife to its culinary flair. However, the most telling symbol of Berlin’s creativity is its graffiti art. Whilst some cities shy away from graffiti, labelling it as an eye-sore, Berlin is proud to wear its creativity on its sleeves – or rather, should we say, on its walls.

Similarly, The Weinmeister is keen to follow its own path by embracing the graffiti art that has become such an iconic feature of Berlin. It is this rejection of the traditional concept of luxury whilst still offering modern conveniences and exceptional service and hospitality that makes this boutique hotel as trendy and on-point as the city in which it’s based. To find out more, we spoke with their Sales & Marketing Director, Tamara Formosa.

The Weinmeister is perfectly located in the hip and trendy Mitte district. What are the main highlights in the vicinity?

There are many points of interest and tourist attractions nearby such as the famous Alexanderplatz (a five minute walk away), the Fernsehturm (TV tower, an iconic symbol of Berlin), and the island of museums, with the Cathedral of Berlin and the Pergamon Museum too. We are also surrounded by large cores such as Hackescher Markt and Rosenthaler Platz.

We believe that The Weinmeister is the perfect embodiment of the Mitte district. Can you tell us more about how the hotel reflects the local area?

The Weinmeister is a reflection of Berlin. I think that all those who have visited this city arrive at the same conclusion: ‘You either love Berlin or you hate it, there is no middle ground’. Berlin is one of the most influential cities. It is a cultural centre, with streets full of graffiti and street art – old and new. The city has also managed to rebuild and modernise. Berlin has art, history, culture, green spaces, among many other things. All of these things define The Weinmeister – from its graffiti to its Signature Rooms, with an entrance worthy of one of the best “secret” clubs in Berlin.

Just as the Mitte district is renowned for its art, The Weinmeister also features some interesting works throughout the hotel. What can you tell us about the artists?

One of our biggest collaborators is René Turrek, a German artist, who has created his own Signature Room in The Weinmeister featuring surprises such as a bathtub that changes colour. He also created our entrance. On the other hand, we have Paint Club, which has filled the stairways of The Weinmeister with graffiti. They have also created their own Signature Room. The Weinmeister is a place for artists, so we also have Peppermint Jam & Four Music rooms. And since we are from Berlin, we are always in the process of change and evolution.

Do you have a particular favourite work of art on display in The Weinmeister?

The truth is that it is difficult to choose one, but I think the graffiti “Hurricane” is my favourite.

The Weinmeister also invites guests to relax with an on-site spa. How would you describe the spa experience?

Actually, I have tried it and I love it, all the spa employees are wonderful. I have done different treatments and it has been a very good experience, I always repeat. The beautySpa is located on the sixth floor of The Weinmeister, next to our rooftop. The spa uses TEAM DR JOSEPH products which are all natural and of the highest quality.

In your opinion, what sets The Weinmeister apart from the other hotels in Mitte and Berlin?

The aesthetic, we are not a conventional hotel and we do not want to be. We follow the Berlin motto ‘you love or hate it, there is no middle ground’, we are different and we like it. All elements of the design – the graffiti, the entrance, the minimalist rooms, the huge bed in the centre of the room, our signature room – are what make us unique.