HAIR O’DOT SRL wins Hair Loss Treatment Service of the Year

Winners in the Romania Prestige Awards 2020/21

There are few things in life as distressing as losing your hair. That once dependable thatch can quickly deplete whether through genetics, stress or alopecia and if that happens there are few options available to rectify the problem. Fortunately baldness can be avoided with a quick phone call to Hair O’Dot. The Transylvanian-based business is on a mission to make a positive change for those seeking a hair loss treatment and a real commitment to quality results. They believe clients can leave the clinic feeling empowered through their services.

The company is built around the use of a revolutionary technique known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP). SMP is a medical tattoo where specially-developed micro needles insert an organic pigment at the upper dermis level of the scalp, replicating the impression of hair follicles. Essentially it creates the illusion of short hair stubble and as such the treatment is primarily aimed at men who feel comfortable wearing their hair short. It is also useful for men who have had accidents or hair transplant surgery which left them with visible scars, where the SMP is used to camouflage the affected area. The trauma of hair loss is real and through their work Hair O’Dot hopes to create an invaluable and positive change in their client’s perception of themselves.

“Hair O’Dot’s mission is to make a positive change for those seeking hair loss treatment.”