Going on a first date can be nerve-racking. How does your date coaching service ensure clients are best prepared? 

  • By understanding client’s wants, needs and desires
  • By assessing the compatibility of potential partners and making sure they are both emotionally available
  • By teaching clients how to have a great first date by showing them how to flirt, make small talk and ask questions
  • By showing clients what to do – and what NOT to do – with someone they’re attracted to
  • We also go on a mini date with our client to ensure they are at ease when going on their actual date

What is the key to making a good first impression? 

Always channel your focus into making the first moments of a date memorable. It takes only 12 minutes to decide if you’re interested in a person, so you must be your best self from the second you arrive. To make a great first impression, make eye contact, smile, and focus on what they say. Moreover, don’t lose yourself while trying to impress someone – always check in with yourself too. You might be so engrossed on making a perfect first impression that you forget to see if you are really into your date or not.

What are the biggest mistakes people tend to make on first dates? 

Don’t brag about yourself; be authentic by showing that what’s on the inside of you is greater than what is on the outside. Also, don’t treat your date like a job interview. Assessing whether the person is ‘the one’ on a first date stops you from having fun getting to know each other.

Are there any taboo topics we should avoid? Politics, religion, exes? 

If you find yourself in a situation where the conversation moves to politics, exes or religion, try to avoid it at all costs. First dates are about having fun and getting to know each other’s interests and quirks. It’s all about connecting with the other person and seeing if they are a good fit in your life.

What makes a good first date venue? And what kind of venues should be avoided? 

Choosing a venue for your date is very important and very surprising if you get it right. Coffee shops are associated with business meetings, while pubs are casual places associated with watching sports and having a pint. Men, if you do take your lady to a café or a pub on the first date and you end up getting married, your wife will never let you live the date down. Hope Springs have a strict no-café-no-pub date policy, unless it’s combined with another activity, like a romantic seaside stroll. Cocktail bars, picnics and upscale restaurants are good alternatives.

How does Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency differ from other matchmaking or dating services? 

All of our coaches go above and beyond to make sure our client’s understand the power of selecting and connecting with the right partner. We also help clients to see what they don’t usually see in themselves, helping them become the woman or man they always wanted to be. I personally like to have deep conversations with my clients to understand their biggest fears, and we work through them together.

How do you ensure clients get the best match possible?

By listening to their wants, desires and needs, and understanding what has worked for them in previous dates and relationships, and what hasn’t. We also like to form a relationship with our clients’ by getting to know their family values, lifestyle and background. We conduct a personal interview to screen each match, which allows our matchmakers to evaluate factors like personality, values, lifestyle, emotional availability, and appearance. The process is customised for each client, and includes all the necessary inquiries to ascertain important information relevant to the client’s search for love. This helps us get to know our client and it gives them an opportunity to ask any questions they have for us about the service.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

If you want your relationship or marriage to work, then rid yourself of any selfishness by focusing on the other person. Understand your spouse’s needs and desires and work together on your fears, pain and insecurities. Understand that when you meet each other’s needs, it creates a strong attraction and minimises outside temptation. Understand your differences and don’t try to change the other person to reflect your ideals. Make a home where both a woman’s and man’s needs are prevailed. Never take your spouse for granted.

Dating Tips for Modern Times

Dating can get very tricky, especially in today’s society where the simplicity of older days, which were steeped in tradition, are long gone. There are so many more things to consider than the right outfit to wear, the perfect place to meet and the best things to talk about. However, the key to any date is to make sure you enjoy yourself, which means you have to feel confident in your dating abilities. If you feel like you could do with a confidence boost for your next date, read these tips from dating expert Nomsa Ncube at Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency.

Go beyond the bar scene

You can bump into the love of your life whilst sipping a glass of wine at a bar, but wouldn’t it be amazing to say you met at a friends’ reunion, or a cooking class? You never know where you could meet the next person you date and if you always look for love in the same places, it’s less likely you’ll find it. I know couples who met at social functions and grocery stores!

Let your friends set you up

It’s always a great when single individuals meet through friends because it fosters familiarity and comfort. Also, when friends set you up, it means your date has already been assessed to some extent, so letting them play matchmaker can be a great idea. However, ensure you lay down some rules. Make it clear ahead of time that the outcome of the date is not a reflection on your friend, yourself or your date.

Consider dating your friends

The term “friend zone” should be abolished because sometimes your friends can actually be the best people to date. Think about it: someone you are already familiar with is likely to have similar values. As aligning values are essential for a successful relationship, you are already one step closer to finding love. Also, friendship is the basis for any relationship, so having that bond established can be key.

Avoid oversharing

Word-vomit happens, but one way to tank the first date is to admit how long you spent stalking them online beforehand or by accidentally blurting out “Whoa, you sound like my ex!” The censorship walls can come down once you have become acquainted with your date, but be weary and try to avoid these awkward comments or there won’t be a second date.

Move on if you’re not into them

Dating someone who you’re not into is a waste of time. Stay true to yourself. Aren’t you proud to call them yours? Have they met your friends? Would you rather be watching Netflix than talking to them? Are you only with them for fear of being single? These are indications that you should get out of the relationship. Trust us, being single is better than being in dead-end relationship.

If at first you don’t succeed? Try Again

I heard about someone who committed to going on a 100 dates as a way of learning more about himself, and what he desires in a partner. While we don’t think it’s necessary to engage in such a dating marathon, sometimes it is essential to get out there, especially if you feel like you’re in a rut. You never know, your next great date might be right around the corner.

Select the right dating site

The importance of the internet can’t be overstated: it has brought us social media platforms, pet videos, and now, it can bring you love. But when you’re ready to dive into online dating, how do you decide which site to sign up with? Evaluate what you want to attain from an online dating experience, be it a hook-up or a marriage. Then, choose the platform that matches your interests, so you’re not just wasting your time.

Nomsa Ncube, The CEO & Director of Hope Spring eternal introduction agency (HSEIA). As an ex-professional footballer, Musician, Certified Matchmaker and Psychologist with a lifelong passion for helping single individuals find love and the aim of building the perfect matchmaking agency, I drew on acumens from top executives and tycoons, as well as the most brilliant minds in the matchmaking industry. The result is an elite matchmaking service – Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency, a hyper-local, high-end Matchmaking Service. While it’s hyper-local luxury service is bespoke – Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency has set the Gold Standard in upscale, selective, and personalized matchmaking.