Winner in the Berlin & East Germany Prestige Awards 2020 for Hypnotherapy Service of the Year 

Peter Christian Rabeneck has been on the road as an unconventional trainer, speaker and hypnosis coach since 2004. He became known in Berlin and beyond as a Glücksrabe with his StrengthTest and his Hypnosis-Transformotion work.

After a career in the automobile industry, the urge grew to deal professionally with what interested him since his youth – what influence our psyche, our brain has on us. He went to the United States – to Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-inventor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – to get to know himself and the way his brain works. This Trainer Training opened up a fascinating perspective for him. Impressed by the effectiveness of the training, he also turned to hypnosis, other methods and such as research.

He combined different methods and refined them. Since then he has helped many clients, whether private or business long term. The extremely positive feedback showed how effective and efficient his Glücksrabe-Methods are. He shares his knowledge on trainings, seminars and lectures. If you ask him what he does especially, he answers: “Usually nothing, but time – to have time for people, to make the really unconscious visible. So everyone can grow beyond himself and lead a happy life.”

Impressed with the unique approach and proven results Peter continues to achieve, the Berlin Prestige judging panel has identified Glücksrabe as Hypnotherapy Service of the Year. We spoke to Peter to find out more about the benefits of hypnosis and how it sets clients on the path to better self-discovery, self-discipline and self-control.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

My work has taught me that words are just an attempt to communicate. Everyone has a different memory, a different connection, or simply use words differently. This means that any therapy only works 100% if the person believes in it. This is only possible if they can build on their previous experiences or can imagine it. This is what you have to pay attention to because it can go so far that our brain even deletes things and cannot accept them, even if it is proven.

Take the coronavirus, there is countless evidence that it exists and how easily you can get infected, yet there are people who do not want to believe it and do not follow protective measures! They are not suicidal and ignorant, they just have difficulties with it and they have not learned to be more open. Maliciously, one could say that in the first years of life a role model has failed to teach the child to be open to new things, or for things he does not see or cannot imagine.

With hypnosis I could start here and focus on the improbable. And that is the special thing about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the focusing. You can also see this in daily actions, if you concentrate on one work; you always get the best results.

What are the main benefits?

The focus, but what exactly does that mean in the hypnotic state and in my approach? The people who come to me want to change something in their lives. They want to get rid of their fears, finally find their desired partner, or save their relationship, become more successful or just finally more balanced, happier and able to enjoy life more consciously.

During the trance, I am in constant dialogue with my clients and ask many questions. That means I am like a detective and question every answer until I get to the core of the problem. The challenge here is to think completely paradoxical; the work of Paul Watzlawick has strengthened me a lot. Only in this way can I determine how the client has arrived at his current, negative state of mind. The brain records all circumstances that led to this and they have nothing to do with logical thinking in the cognitive state, because it is the emotions that guide our judgement and therefore our decisions. And the emotions do not follow reason.

Every person gets to discover something new in hypnosis. It enables us as human beings to understand our behaviour in a completely new and different way. It is like a revelation, an always positive revelation, even if our logic thinks it is not always possible.

Can you talk us through the methods and techniques you implement?

The most important thing is that I work holistically and have developed my own methods through training and my own research and experience. One of them is my StärkenTest. It is a link between the not so easily changeable nature of man, his goals and his interaction within society. It dominates a large part of our unconscious patterns of action. I have already used it to resolve disagreements in families, solve conflicts in companies and coached managers.

Back to the actual hypnosis, here the most important method is the dialogue with my clients. This protects them from being determined by others. Because you decide every step yourself. And the second most important point is that based on my experience I adjust to the world of my clients in such a way that we dive into a world of feelings that has nothing real anymore. Another technique that I use is that I go through the entire process from fertilisation to birth with completely hidden causes. Here everything comes to light, absolutely everything.

What are the tell-tale signs of a good hypnotherapist?

A good hypnotherapist is someone who:

  • Can hypnotise everybody
  • Can explain the different types of hypnosis
  • Takes the time to get to know their patients
  • Asks uncomfortable questions to find the root of the cause
  • Has an NLP training from the Society of NLP
  • Treats the cause, not the symptoms
  • Works full-time as a hypnotist

What advice would you give to first time clients?

Find experienced practitioners and ask openly about their experience and success rate. You can prepare for the session by honing in on the question you want to have answered as precisely as possible, and by describing the topic as precisely as possible. The customer determines the quality of the hypnosis session with the quality of his question. The more precisely you have recognised your topic, the faster you will reach the goal.

What do you consider to be your biggest career achievement so far?

I am glad that I have the ability to help people in my way, and to develop it further into a unique approach known as the Glücksrabe method. And to make it even clearer, I’m no longer talking about hypnosis work, but about transformotion – an artificial word of change and emotion. That’s my competence and that’s how I have helped people and companies.

For example, I recently had someone with an allergy, at least that was what she thought. However, the doctors were unable to determine the cause. But they told her that it was an allergy. They only assumed they couldn’t determine the cause. She suffered from the physical phantom that her belly suddenly bloated and sometimes caused a certain shortness of breath, irregularly and without warning.

A client of mine recommended her to me. It was psychological (unconscious cause). We found an alternative behavioural basis together and changed the feelings and with it the attitude to the events that created the physical phantom. Now she is happy and knows more about hereself and how she can achieve a better life.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Don’t wait, do it. You will learn more about yourself, and you will gain better self control after the session. If you really want to achieve something, no matter what, you can 100% achieve it in this way!