Winners in the Munich & South Germany Prestige Awards 2020

Zeacol® has stood for exclusive and exceptional designer jewellery in beautiful and bright colours for over 15 years. The main element of each distinctive

piece of jewellery is intricate Murano glass beads, which are individually handcrafted on the island of Murano/Venice by Venetian glass artists, according to ancient craftsmanship. These bespoke beads are combined with selected gemstones and Swarovski® crystals as well as high-quality gold and silver parts chosen from Germany, Austria and Italy to create luminous individual pieces. Founder Claudia Fischer makes each piece of jewellery by hand in her Schwäbisch Gmünd studio.


Claudia’s personal and pronounced love of colours permeates every element of her Zeacol® designs. Her travels around the world serve as the primary inspiration for the colours used in her exclusive pieces of jewellery, in particular the blue hues of the Indian Ocean, the red of the African sun and the green tones of local forests. Murano glass beads are chosen for their vibrant and intense colours, which are perfectly complemented by the shades of precious stones and Swarovski® crystals. As Claudia says, her love of colour is also rooted in her experiences and surroundings: “In still unknown or especially loved places, there is always a special light and therefore very specific colours.”

The role of gerontology

In addition to working as a jewellery designer, Claudia holds an MSc in Gerontology from the University of Stuttgart and lectures in the field. Studying the social, cultural, psychological and biological aspects of aging has enabled her to understand the important role that colour plays in our lives. “Colours are much more important for people and their health and wellbeing than is commonly assumed,” she says. “Colours are primarily absorbed through the eyes, and therefore work in the body from the outside as well as from the inside. For this reason, it is very beneficial, and actually indispensable, to surround yourself with your favourite colours. On a subconscious level, a person behaves accordingly if possible; through the choice of colour in clothing, for example.”

Preserving Venice’s rich heritage

Handmade according to a 1,000-year-old technique, Murano glass beads are an integral part of Venice’s rich history. Zeacol® aims to contribute to the preservation of this heritage through their exclusive jewellery pieces, and to make the enjoyment of Venice’s glass beads accessible to people all over the world. By increasing awareness of Murano’s skilled craftsmen and the beautiful glass that they produce, Claudia hopes to further protect the Venetian glass artists passing down their knowledge, emphasising that: “From my point of view, Murano glass is as much a UNESCO cultural heritage as the mother city Venice has been since 1987.”

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by Claudia’s use of colour to improve personal wellbeing. With a deep understanding of the earth’s precious gemstones – informed by her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Geography – and a passion for colours inspired by her natural surroundings, Claudia’s jewellery serves a real purpose and holds profound value for the wearer. They also admired the high-quality Murano beads utilised by Zeacol®, which maintain the same beautiful appearance throughout their lifespan. Prioritising both the customer and the skilled Venetian glass artist, the handmade jewellery shop undoubtedly serves as a staple of the German market.

Website: https://www.zeacol.com/