Winners in Munich & South Germany Prestige Awards 2020

Yvonne Beer Business English Solutions (YBBES) is a leading English Language school in Gröbenzell that provides a full range of business-orientated language courses. Founded by Yvonne Beer, the school offers traditional teaching but specialises in providing a range of crash courses, helping pupils to achieve their personal or professional goals quickly. The courses, which focus on business language, teach participants extensive, job-related vocabulary, alongside the intricacies of grammar, ensuring pupils have confidence both orally and in writing upon completion. Having worked with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even large commercial companies, Yvonne’s school cultivates highly proficient English language speakers, opening a world of international business opportunities.

A fast-track to your goals

YBBES recognises that many working individuals simply cannot commit to year-long courses and provides a solution for their busy schedules. The YBBES crash courses offer an intensive learning programme, enabling pupils to learn specific vocabulary and grammar within a shorter time-frame. Courses range from three to five days in total and no previous knowledge of English is necessary. Class sizes are purposefully small, with a maximum of 10 participants to ensure that each student achieves their personal goals and differing speeds of progress can be accommodated.

Language for professionals

Yvonne knew speaking English was vital to her business career, but found most language schools were far too general to be of any use to the modern-day professional. Her courses therefore target content-related business topics, such as meetings, negotiations, and project management, so participants become a master in the subject most needed. The team at YBBES is proud to have worked with a wide variety of businesses, helping them to grow in international markets, increase sales close rates, and maximise revenue.

Just say the word

The courses at YBBES are centred around relieving course participants on their inhibitions to speak with confidence. With small classes and a no judgement atmosphere, the team encourage pupils to speak often, breaking down the language barrier their fear has built. Interactive seminars involve a number of language exercises, including the use of slang, idioms, and workplace specific phrases, covering all corners of the chosen topic. This helps to establish confident business communication, opening the doors for intercultural relationships and, more simply, offering the ability to host meetings and conduct presentations in a foreign language.

Judges’ Comments:

The judges praised Yvonne’s school for offering rapid and effective solutions to common language learning complaints. Many of the school’s clients work in a fast-paced environment, like IT or sales, where one or two year courses are simply not realistic. Despite the crash courses being short, the team at YBBES offer pupils one year of additional support after their completion, for questions on specific vocabulary and phrases on the chosen subject. The judges also admired YBBES for offering one-to-one courses that are tailored entirely around the individual. Requiring only a phone call to discuss their goals, the team will construct an entirely personalised plan for the pupil and are flexible in both time and teaching methods.

Website: www.business-english-solutions.com