Winner in the Munich and South Germany Prestige Awards 2020

Founded in 2015, Xtreme Security came about after a group of former colleagues – together possessing decades of experience in private security – decided to combine their efforts in order to introduce a broader and more extensive field of services to the industry. The result can be witnessed in the company’s wide range of security-related services, which are available to high profile individuals across Europe. Xtreme Security also distinguishes itself as an industry leader by offering anti-drone solutions, super yacht security service, and concierge services related to a private jet charters and yacht charters.

According to Xtreme Security’s Co-Founder and COO Tomislav Pahljina, “the primary weapon we use is our brain.” This is a sentiment that is not only emphasized by the varied range of services offered by Xtreme Security, but also by the company’s belief that force should be used as a last resort. While Xtreme Security does indeed provide armed services, its focus is instead to evade and deescalate potentially dangerous situations. Tomislav explains that a security professional “trained to see conflict arise before it becomes a problem dramatically reduces the risks,” and that an EP Agent with good social skills and emotional intelligence will be able to make better decisions.

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