An interview with Invites&Co founder Alexandra Maltseva

Beautiful wedding stationery complemented by a unique wedding app in your own design full of interactive features for you and your guests

Did you know that, on average, 60% of wedding guests don’t know how the bride and groom met? 85% of wedding guests are also unsure what to give a couple as a present, and 64% of guests don’t know how to find the wedding venue or which accommodation to book. Most guests would also love to contribute one or two songs to the DJ‘s playlist. Sussex-based Alexandra Maltseva created a wedding app to solve all these little issues for your wedding and bring all guests together. We got the chance to speak to Alexandra about this exciting new wedding-planning service.

Alexandra, tell us a bit more about your wedding app idea.

Our Invites & Co wedding app called ‘The Big Day’ was born when I was organising my own wedding. I wanted to have a website or app to match my printed stationery and just couldn’t find anywhere that would offer this. I had a very international guest list and needed to help guests to find the venues, book hotels, organise presents and communicate with each other.

So you founded Invites&Co and designed both, stationery and a mobile app?

Exactly. I had great fun designing our stationery, and then worked with a talented team to develop the app – it is truly unique. Firstly, you can match it to your printed stationery and then personalise it in whatever way you like. Secondly, it is a real interactive platform for your wedding; it allows you and your guests to communicate with each other, RSVP, share photos and suggest songs. It creates a real community around your wedding!

Are there other companies that offer something similar?

In recent years, a couple of other companies have started to offer wedding apps, but so far, no other company can match our combination of services. With affordable yet very exclusive stationery to match the mobile app, we still have a unique offering at a great price.

Can you tell us about some of the most exciting weddings so far?

Invites&Co has worked with couples from around the globe, including the UK, the United States, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Australia and India. What really stands out in my mind is the app I created for the wedding of an Indian billionaire, which had more than 2,500 guests. We also made beautiful stationery and apps for several destination weddings, including Lake Como and Fiji, as well as traditional English and multi-cultural weddings in the UK. What l love most is working with each engaged couple and finding the right style for them. Each wedding is really special.