Thing Or Two Wins Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

Winners in the Spain Prestige Awards 2021/22

Thing Or Two is a marketing agency that measures performance and delivers growth for mobile applications on behalf of brands, from small start-ups to large multinationals. It uses comprehensive data and in-house AI technology to build scalable campaigns, ensuring clients see a return on their investment. The team at Thing Or Two is international, speaking seven different languages and assisting businesses from around the world – campaigns have reached approximately 980 million people so far and counting.

Progressive marketing

The people behind Thing Or Two are deeply passionate about marketing. Any business or application developer that wants to further its reach can benefit from the expertise of the core mobile performance team. The agency is progressive in its techniques and covers a multitude of bases in its mission to help businesses succeed, including social media branding, search engine optimisation, website development, pay-per-click advertising, and user acquisition. It has already helped a number of high-profile brands succeed and grow online since its inception, including Fiverr, Yotta Games (Mafia City), Banco Azteca, and trading platform eToro.

Innovative techniques

Thing Or Two’s innovative technology platform allows the team to optimise app content in real-time, by identifying macros and stats. The software also acts as a cross-platform reporting system which collects data across the client’s social media accounts and Google. This gives Thing Or Two an overview of what is and is not working in various marketing campaigns. The data collected also helps to project campaign success moving forward, with the real-time optimisation allowing the agency to make necessary improvements and changes to ensure clients get the very best results.

Structured to succeed

Like many successful teams, Thing Or Two is structured in such a way that clients always feel supported. Customers are given timely and valid feedback on their campaigns with a steadfast commitment to success, alongside out-the-box thinking between some of the brightest minds in the marketing field. This combination often leads to longer-term partnerships with brands, who are keen to keep on reaching big milestones and understand that success cannot be achieved overnight. The Thing Or Two management team does not rest on its laurels, recognising that investment in its agency staff and in cutting-edge digital tools is key to maintaining their success. The new office in Barcelona is the first of many advancements planned, with further offices based in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Seoul (Korea), set to serve the company’s growing presence in the Asia and Pacific markets. Thing Or Two has strong ambitions to grow its operation to five major cities over the next two years.

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by the agency’s commitment to developing its platform further. It is currently developing a new disruptive in-house (technology) platform, designed to maintain a quality return on advertisement spending for clients. Thing Or Two recognises that digital marketing has evolved into an intricate web of strategies, so there is always pressure to continue innovating and engineering technological solutions. To this end, a team of highly experienced programmers has been assembled to develop this new technology.

It has already helped a number of high-profile brands succeed and grow online since its inception, including Fiverr, Yotta Games (Mafia City), Banco Azteca, and trading platform eToro.