With more than a decade of design experience, Susanna Cots is a first choice for bespoke interiors. After experiencing a high demand for her expertise, her first studio opened its doors in Barcelona in 2001 and it was followed by an office in Girona, which opened in 2013. In 2014, Susanna and her team opened their pilot international office in Hong Kong and since then, thanks to their tasteful bespoke designs, Susanna Cots has been recognised by clients from over 30 nations.

Susanna has a natural flair for planning and designing spaces and her natural elegance and style is channelled into every project. Paying particular attention to borders, balance and contrasts, Susanna executes all elements of the design process to create comfortable and stylish designs. She endeavours to approach each challenge emotionally, weighing up each space and assessing all angles including comfort, purpose, style, durability, and taste, before embarking on the project.

Susanna’s projects take inspiration from many different sources, but a running theme throughout her work is the use of the colour white. The team believe that white is the symbol of purity. Rooted in cleanliness and brightness, it is immune to fashion crazes and provides a perfect canvas to work upon. When beginning a project, Susanna focuses on perfecting the design concept. By taking into account the functional and aesthetic elements and striving to fully understand the customers’ expectations, Susanna demonstrates a refined professional attitude that instils trust in her clients.

After developing the project, Susanna has a strict process by which she carries out a lighting project, exclusive furniture design and a quality specification. Her trademark simplicity is consistent and effective; stylised lines, airy colours and soft shapes seep into much of her work. The result is a sensory and sophisticated design.