Standing Out In The Crowded Fashion Market – An Interview With De’Jon Pier’e

De’Jon Pier’e

De’Jon Pier’e


De’Jon Pier’e was founded and created in August 2015, by De’Jon Pier’e himself. The idea came from the legacy of his late mother Hazel Jean, who ran her own successful retail business for 15 years. Having always had a unique sense of style, De’Jon Pier’e aims to steer clear of constantly changing fashion trends, instead fusing his own personality and preferences into the premium garments he makes. Operating in his own lane has proven to be highly successful for De’Jon Pier’e, with his collections attracting consumers globally who recognise the need to express individuality. We caught up with him to find out exactly what it takes to launch a clothing brand, as well as his tips for standing out in the highly saturated market.

Who, or what inspired you to set up your own label?

My inspiration comes from my late mother and the love of fashion I have had since I was young. However, I didn’t start thinking of setting up my own clothing brand until my mid-20s.

How do you ensure your collections remain a reflection of your individual style and personality?

I apply different ideas to each collection. Even if it is a small adjustment or change, I try to add something different with each product.

What are your favourite pieces from your current collection, and why?

My favourite piece at the moment is the latest Navy Tracksuit; it’s the best product I have released to date.

How do you ensure your athletic apparel remains breathable? Is there a specific kind of fabric used for all the different pieces?

I am starting to warm towards elastane and polyester. I just think these materials improve the quality of the products, helping them stand out and look both sharper and smarter.

What are the benefits of releasing collections in stages rather than all at once?

I think you can focus more on the collections rather than starting to keep up with all products at once. Releasing collections that correspond with the seasons also always helps.

What are the biggest challenges you faced when setting up your clothing brand?

In the beginning, it was to try and reach a decent, reliable manufacturer. When I started my first collection, a family member who owns his own manufacturing facility proved to be of great help, and I was able to release my collection using his materials. However, as I was starting to progress further with the brand and wanted to use more premium materials, there was a disagreement, so I looked for other manufacturers and realised when someone says no, you go elsewhere.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking the leap and becoming a small business owner?

The name of the brand is highly important, as is engagement with your customers. Securing the right manufacturers with top-quality products and ideas is also crucial, especially as this is your selling point.

What is next for the De’Jon Pier’e label?

Next on the agenda is releasing my first-ever kids collection early in the new year, and working with all types of children of different ages to achieve this goal. I am currently working with partners in the music and events industry to help further my brand. Since it is not confirmed yet, I cannot mention who, but it is a big deal to me. The plan is to still work with sports athletes to increase exposure to this section of the industry and maximise opportunities for the brand moving forward.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

For the past six years, I have worked with so many photographers, models, event companies, model agencies, influencers, and manufacturers, and I am still learning every day how to work with different people to get the best for the brand. I also realised that my personality and character are a massive part of the brand, so I use this to maximise the brand’s potential. I am still working extremely hard to get to where I want to be within five years.

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