Review: Norfolk House by The Scarlet Hen

By Sarah Hartley 

Nestled in the heart of Huddersfield, Norfolk House is the perfect base from which to explore the Pennines. It has enjoyed this pride of place since 1886, when the building was originally a vicarage. With elements of this rich history left remaining, the house has retained its majesty and charm right up to the present day.

Indeed, Norfolk House embraces changing time periods with remarkable ease and style. Inside this grand home, you will find Georgian architecture, with four floors of symmetrically designed rooms built to host up to 20 people. In a sublime blend of historical richness and modernity, Norfolk House now specialises in hosting luxury stays for sophisticated celebrations and spa weekends.

The luxurious décor is intricately woven with more traditional parts of the house. The hot tub room, lit up by neon party lights, can be found on the same floor as the scullery, pristinely showcased in its original layout with the traditional sink preserved. On the first floor above this, the elegant drawing room sits adjacent to the living room, furnished with plush white sofas, a bar and a karaoke machine.

Yet perhaps the most remarkable parts of the house are the guest rooms. From the stunning golden walls of the Gold Room, to the art-deco, maximalist splendour of the Blue Room; opening each master bedroom door is like delving into a different world. The light and airy upstairs bedroom is particularly noteworthy, where the red light of the evening sun cascades over the terrace, as guests look out over the vast landscape ahead. Even the adjoining bathrooms encapsulate tradition and luxury, with a mixture of Georgian-style baths and even a rotunda waterfall shower.

The sublime design of the house is matched by the attentiveness and care of hostess Charlotte. Activities such as perfume classes and life-drawing can be arranged for fun-seeking guests, whilst massages and facials using Eve Taylor skincare are performed in the barrelled-roof treatment room. Guests can enjoy extensive continental breakfasts and evening dining arrangements are made in the grand dining room. Charlotte also provides guests with a guide to the best restaurants in the local area. For parties who prefer to hit the town, Norfolk House is only a 20-minute train journey away from Leeds city centre.

It is not often that a place offers such opulence with an added dose of historical wonder. The Scarlet Hen at Norfolk House is exceptional in this regard. If you’re looking for the perfect place for a celebratory stay, but also want to wake up each morning as if you were the star in a period drama, look no further than here. It is not just a place to stay. With dynamic designs and enduring history around every corner, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

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