Winners in the Netherlands Prestige Awards 2020

Pure Sportswear sells sustainable sportswear made from recycled PET bottles to clients across Europe. The recycled plastic used in their garments significantly reduces the company’s carbon footprint and the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing, making the store a go-to for environmentally conscious sports lovers. CEO/Co-founder Duvan Couvée is motivated by former personal battles, from which he has emerged with a strong desire to positively change the world around him. In 2018, Duvan flew to Colombia with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on an official state mission for sustainability, further marking Pure Sportswear out as a leader in eco-friendly manufacturing.

The judges commend Pure Sportswear for its forward-looking approach, which tackles many of the issues associated with fast fashion. Making garments from recycled plastic, in a safe environment and for a fair wage – all whilst ensuring that the highest quality requirements are met. Their sportswear is exclusively produced in the U.S and the Netherlands, ensuring that strict laws on safety and wages are diligently met. Looking to the future, the team is now developing sports leggings made from recycled fishing nets alongside sportswear made out of bamboo, further cementing their reputation.

 “Pure Sportswear makes high-quality garments from recycled plastic; in a safe environment and for a fair wage.”

Website: www.puresportswear.nl