With the expanding influence of global cultures and design, interior design options are continuously becoming more vast and exciting. Do we opt for modern and minimal or opulent and oriental? What about bold florals or bold murals? Perhaps even introducing unusual wallpaper, or keeping it simple with a unique piece of art? These are the all-important questions that Reading-based designers Surface View can help you answer.

Feature walls came more prominently into the interior design game in the early 21st century. However, now instead of just keeping it pretty with traditional floral wallpaper, we have become inspired to create walls that inject more personality and artistic individualism into a room, taking post-modernism to a whole new level. That is where Surface View comes in; a British company that creates large scale bespoke art-inspired murals, canvases and prints that bring a room to life with its owner’s stamp of visual self-expression. 

Choose from the brilliant selection of ‘ready to buy’ products such as a quirky London map-themed wall chart or an astrological-themed framed art print. Alternatively, you can customise your own made-to-order design by choosing an image from the Surface View collection, select your favourite product and customise to suit your room – whether it is wallpaper for the lounge, ceramic tiles for the bathroom, or a wall hanging for the bedroom.

Surface View gives clients access to the best images from the archives of prominent museums and galleries such as the V&A, National Gallery and Royal Academy of Art – from their famous collections to their hidden treasures. The company have images to suit a broad range of tastes; offering everything from historical oil paintings to contemporary pop art. While the Natural History Museum collection allows one to ponder over the wisps and raw elements of botanics and natural life, in contrast, the Haynes Manuals® provides the opportunity to marvel over manmade triumphs with intricate drawings of legendary vehicles in must-have colours.

Redecorating can be a daunting task as it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to a theme for the room. We all know how hard it is not to get carried away with all of your ideas and end up with a myriad of mismatched décor and furnishings that are a better reflection of brain mush than creative flair! That is why the murals and canvases made by Surface View are an excellent way to keep your room design chic and sharp. Pick the image that calls out to you and the personality you want to convey in the room and from there, you are able to develop a solid theme for the space based on the chosen image. Suddenly, it is easier to decide whether to go for the darker oak finish instead of the sandalwood or to paint the walls soft ochre instead of terracotta.

An example would be to proudly adorn your wall with the French Neo-Impressionist masterpiece Bathers at Asnières by Georges Seurat. The striking beauty of such a painting can’t be competed with and so it is easy to know that the surrounding décor should be kept modest and uncluttered, leaving the room to focus on the mural, only using simple in-keeping colour themes with the rest of the décor to tie the room together.

For those who want to express their personality artistically in their interiors, but aren’t  into the idea of having 4x6ft portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in their bedroom or an entire wall covered in flamingos along the staircase, Surface View also offers subtler forms of self-expression. Liven up your living space with wall charts and wall prints or even jolt the room with geometric blinds and window films. No matter how bold or understated you wish for your design to be, Surface View offers something for everyone.