Life is Good, the positive lifestyle and apparel brand, launched today its new Artist Series Collection: an exclusive t-shirt design collaboration with five standout artists. For the past twenty-seven years, Life is Good has used positive, inspiring art and messages to encourage their community to choose optimism in both good times and challenging times.

Now, after a year that changed everything, it is clear to Life is Good that optimism is more vital than ever before. In the midst of a pandemic with no clear end in sight, the positive lifestyle brand partnered with five amazing artists whose unique takes on art and optimism they feel will help inspire the larger community to focus on the good. During this time when feeling optimistic might be especially difficult, they hope to inspire their audience to see silver linings in new and unexpected places.

The new Artist Series Collection illustrates Life is Good’s belief that optimism comes in many different forms—the designs are a representation of each artist’s vision and show how they hope to use art to inspire their communities.

The Artist Series Collection includes designs by the following artists:

  • Atticus Poetry: Contemporary poet and anonymous New York Times Bestselling author of Love Her Wild, The Dark Between, and The Truth About Magic. He has spent much of his life exploring the world and uses poetry as a powerful tool to help people heal.
  • DONKEEBOY: Houston-based visual artist who remixes Pop Art by creating pieces that consist of double entendre, puns, and mashups. He lives by the motto: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
  • Melissa Koby: Jamaican-born, Tampa-based visual artist whose artwork and illustrations reflect her emotions. She believes in spreading love through her work, and that art can be accessible to anyone.
  • Shelby and Sandy: Los Angeles-based brothers who use art to make people feel good. They use bright colors that represent happiness and aim to make viewers feel nostalgic and joyful.
  • Steffi Tsai: Austin-based designer, illustrator, and muralist whose work is heavily inspired by nature. She uses art to stay positive and find the good during the tougher moments in life.

“At Life is Good, we believe the most effective tool for spreading the power of optimism is art,” said Bert Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Optimist at Life is Good. “With many people still struggling to stay positive in 2021, we challenged these talented artists to create their own Life is Good t-shirts and show the world how to spread good vibes.”

“My artwork is my therapy, and it helps me access my optimism every day. I played around with different concepts of what ‘Life is Good’ means to me, and while creating this design, I aimed to channel a feeling of serenity,” says Melissa Koby. “I want the viewer to experience the beauty and simplicity of nature, and hopefully find the same peace in it that I do.”

The collection includes t-shirts available for both men and women and is sold exclusively on Additionally, as with all their products, Life is Good will donate 10% of this collection’s net profits to help kids in need through the Life is Good Kids Foundation. To learn more about the collection visit: Life is Good Artist Series.

About Life is Good
The Life is Good Company is the original positive lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism through art and messaging. The company donates 10 percent of its net profits to help kids in need through the Life is Good Kids Foundation. The Foundation’s signature Playmaker Program provides teachers, nurses, social workers, and other childcare professionals with training, support, and workshops that help them understand trauma and compassion-informed care. Over 14,500 childcare professionals are engaged in the Playmaker Program, which improves the quality of care for more than 1 million kids each year. Life is Good® is a registered trademark of The Life is Good Company. Visit for more details, and follow Life is Good on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.