How iGaming Leverages Social Media For Success

In the modern world, everyone has a social media profile somewhere.

It might be your favourite celebrity with accounts on Instagram and Twitter or your Mum on Facebook. It could be a creator famous for their content on YouTube or TikTok, or it might even be your local garage or pet store on LinkedIn. Social media is everywhere, it’s taking over the internet, and you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t use it on a daily basis.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are 53 million active social media users in the UK, almost 78% of the population. That’s a lot of social media accounts and a lot of people vying for your attention. If you are a business or brand wishing to get your profile viewed, or build a rounded social media presence, then you’d do well to take a leaf from the iGaming industry.

By iGaming, we mean things like online casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites which offer games you’d traditionally find in casinos and the like. It’s a booming business in the UK, worth a staggering £6.5bn in 2021 and projected to rise this year. As there are restrictions on where and how it can advertise, the industry needs to play smart with social media.

This is how they do it successfully.

Engaging Content

The first rule of a successful social media profile is to create engaging content. Whether that’s a simple tweet or a YouTube video, you must create content that people either wish to engage with, find useful, or feel the need to share.

The iGaming industry does this well, with a perfect example being their ‘how to’ guides. For instance, online poker is a booming industry, but the typical new player doesn’t know the difference between a bad beat and a big blind. So, the poker developers put content out there that explains their niche to the wider public. This is often promoted through their social media channels, with content such as tutorial videos proving very popular.

They might even do it through viral videos of key moments from real tournaments, little snippets like highlights of a football match for the sportsbook industry, which are shareable, and easy to engage with. After all, the more people engage with the content, the more people get to see it and engage. It’s like a snowball effect if the developer gets it right.


It is possible for the iGaming industry to leverage other people’s popularity to promote their products, either through influencers or secondary media. This might be through paid articles on websites that are then promoted on social media or a slightly less direct way, such as YouTube videos. For instance, the jackpot slots from Cheeky Bingo include titles such as Rise of Valkyrie and God of Storms, which have defined themes, music and gameplay features unique to those titles. These features are not entirely obvious from the landing page of the developer’s site, but you can search for them on YouTube and quickly find a creator trying them out. It’s like creating a short trailer for a film, but a player is actively engaged on the sites, and the viewer can see exactly what God of Storms, for example, entails and then decide if they wish to play.

This is a great way for the iGaming industry to showcase its games, and it is a bonus for the creator as well; if people log in and watch their videos, they often earn an income.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Most iGaming providers have bonuses for signing up, and they create social media posts around that. They can pay to have their posts pushed upon people; most platforms offer this. Facebook and Twitter were typical platforms for sponsored posts to appear, but you might also see an advert promoting gaming bonuses on YouTube before and even during your favourite videos. These posts will be blatant and in your face, shouting offers at you from the screen.

Also, sites often have special games they need to promote, with big jackpots. These jackpots can be attractive, but if they’re not promoted currently, the customers will never get to see them. For example, jackpot slots accumulate big prizes, and social media is a great way of getting those figures into the public domain through posts and video content.


These are just three ways the iGaming industry leverages social media, but the next time you log on, look out for it yourself. You’ll see many other succinct and clever ways this restricted industry turns to the power of social media to get their message, brand and games into the public domain.