When experiencing mental or physical discomfort, you may wish to consider holistic techniques as an alternative to western medicine. Holistic practices focus on the entire body, as well as the mind and soul, in an attempt to balance the individual and improve overall health. You may be suffering from a sport-related injury, frequent headaches, or experiencing a particularly stressful time in your life. Luckily, there are a number of therapy centres across Manchester offering holistic remedies to provide a solution for those not wanting medication or not benefitting from it. Here are the top five centres in the city, all of which specialise in their own unique holistic therapies.


Rainbow – Well-being Therapy Centre

Rainbow – Well-being Therapy Centre is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, working in collaboration with GP practices to give patients alternative medical solutions. Going beyond pampering services, this clinic offers assistance for sudden pain, sleep problems, issues when losing weight and assistance when stopping smoking. Rainbow specialises in a number of different traditional Chinese treatments, including acupuncture, a technique used to maintain and restore a person’s health. Using fine, high quality needles, the therapist stimulates points around the body to produce a gentle sensation. The consultation also includes a discussion about medical history and current health to ensure the patient benefits from each session.

Body Listening

Stress Solutions

Stress Solutions focus on the unification of the mind, the body and the importance of self-care for preventing illness. The clinic recognises the effect of both physical and mental stress in everyday life, offering solutions to big and small concerns. Body Listening is a unique treatment to ease tension using passive stretching. The therapist applies pressure to the muscles, improving the patient’s posture, as well as inducing a sense of relaxation. Stress Solutions treats each patient as an individual, adapting the treatment guides for each case whilst taking the whole body into account, as opposed to a particular pain point.

Deep Tissue Massage

Cheadle Body Clinic

Based in a purpose-built studio, Cheadle Body Clinic is a small and friendly clinic, specialising in sports injury and rehabilitation treatments combined with holistic techniques. Carole Pender founded the clinic with over 22 years of experience using a combination of mobilisation, ultrasound, ice or heat, Chinese cupping and stretching. The deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue for those with sports injuries and pain. The therapist uses deep strokes to vigorously target the area with direct pressure: this treatment is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted places on the body, such as the neck, lower back and shoulders.

Reiki healing

Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance is a reiki healing practise designed to be a haven of tranquillity where patients can escape their worries by finding their balance, reducing stress and restoring the immune system. Reiki is a Japanese practice, drawing on universal energy to provide stability in everyday life through stress reduction and promoting healing. During the process, the chakra system is cleansed, aligned and rebalanced, as the negative energies, toxins and impurities are released. The practitioner lay their hands on or above the patient, working from head to toe, creating a bespoke experience to give the individual client exactly what they need at the time of receiving it.


Bode Clinic

Bode Clinic provides a physiotherapy service for those wanting an alternative to medication. The facility offers a range of physical therapy treatments, including acupuncture and sports massages to help patients become healthier and pain-free. Priding themselves on the quality of their healthcare, Bode Clinic’s professionals take the time to listen, correctly diagnose and deliver individual treatments. Their specialised physiotherapy sessions can help with a range of issues, managing pain and improving function for people of all ages and abilities. Using exercise, manual therapy and education, physiotherapists assist patients with injury, illness and disability, as well as giving advice to prevent athletes from developing future injuries.