Great Heart Charity Association wins NPO of the Year

Winners in the Malaysia Prestige Awards 2020/21

Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) is a tax-exempt non-profit organisation that provides physical and emotional support for the underprivileged. It aims to give meaningful assistance to people who face difficulties in their life, such as the elderly, orphaned children, people with disabilities, and victims of natural disaster, on both an individual and community level. It does this by running on-going programmes, including the Hand-in-Hand Charity Programme that provides dialysis and groceries aid to families in need, as well as hosting workshops, classes and charity events at its community centre. The charity also strives to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s life by acting as a platform to connect their beneficiaries with contributors and volunteers.

The judges were impressed by GHCA’s drive to inspire members of the public, and children in particular, to become more involved in the welfare of their society. In doing so, communities can feel more connected, supported, and trusting of its members, and work harmoniously in kindness and love. The judges also commended the wide range of actions the charity takes to support the underprivileged, which include organising city clean-ups, serving lunch to the hungry, and providing free traditional Chinese medicine treatments. The charity also offers a number of classes which impart practical skills and help relieve stress.

“GHCA provides physical and emotional support for the underprivileged and helps to bring communities together with kindness and love.”