Golden Entertainment Tribe

Golden Entertainment Tribe G.E.T.

Golden Entertainment Tribe G.E.T.


We are Golden Entertainment Tribe (G.E.T), a global entertainment specialist collaborating with incredible talent to create unforgettable experiences for international clients at events in Spain

We are an award-winning and internationally recognized company with registered and remote offices in the Balearic Islands Mallorca, Ibiza, Andalusia, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria, and Tenerife.

With multilingual staff. We are a knowledge-driven team of event and entertainment industry experts aligned with current trends while anticipating future trends.

We support hotel establishments, private and corporate clients in more than 1,500 events each year, with exceptional entertainment, external and internal coordination to ensure that each entertainment program and event is a resounding success.

We have successfully established and nurtured professional relationships with local talent and trusted vendors at over 50 locations. We also uncover new emerging talent to augment our ever-expanding roster to provide a diverse offering to our clients.

Our in-house production department, Custom Creations, is a creative team of casting agents, costume designers, choreographers, and coordinators with a vast wardrobe selection of over 500 custom-made costumes. Custom Creations produces; musicals, events, and ultimately personalized entertainment tailored to the needs of each of our customers.

If you can imagine it – we can do it! Taking ideas and making them a reality is what we love to do.

Custom Creations is our department of full-time directors, choreographers and designers. We create every act from scratch and made specifically for you. No matter what the theme might be, we can make it happen with our full-time wardrobe and prop team.

At G.E.T, we are here to create your dream event or show.  Our skilled team of professionals are committed to creating unforgettable experiences, with completely custom entertainment packages, delivered in-house, on time and within budget.

We will guide you every step of the way, from conceptualisation to creation, to showtime. First and foremost, we establish your needs and desired outcomes. We keep your target audience, brand values and event goals at the forefront of our minds, to ensure that we provide global entertainment solutions that tick all the right boxes. Whatever your vision, we are here to make it come true.

Whatever the occasion may be, we have something for you– and if we don’t, our team of professionals can execute it. Taking your event from “page to stage”. Let the entertainment begin!