Winners in the Manchester Prestige Awards 2019

Fresh Thinking Hypnotherapy was founded by qualified and experienced hypnotherapist Cathy Cartwright, who specialises in treatments for anxiety and stress, depression, insomnia, anger management, OCD’s, phobias in addition to working with weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, performance and confidence.  Cathy’s service covers a range of ages (previous clients have ranged from ages nine to 71 years) Cathy works with clients on an individual basis and also delivers presentations to larger companies. Cathy holds a certificate and diploma in therapeutic hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy practitioner diploma, a diploma in solution focused hypnotherapy, and is specialised in solution focused hypnotherapy, which she trained in at the Clifton Practice – the country’s leading school for solution focused hypnotherapy.

The Corporate LiveWire judges ­find Cathy’s extensive range and depth of training in hypnotherapy unique and highly impressive. Judge Jake Powers commented: “It is clear to see that Cathy has a deep interest in helping others through hypnotherapy as she has gone above and beyond to re­fine her knowledge and practise of the treatment”. As a result of her dedication to the practise, Cathy has even gained the position of Hypnotherapy Supervisor and Senior Lecturer for Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) Newcastle. The judging panel thinks that with Cathy’s knowledge of hypnotherapy and her experience with clients from all walks of life, Fresh Thinking Therapy is a superior hypnotherapy service.