Premium Float Schwabing is a floating salt pool and massage centre beside the scenic English Garden park in the heart of Munich, invited guests to relax their muscles and forget their troubles. Combining the latest in floatation technology, the highest standards of hygiene and an exceptionally attentive service, Premium Float Schwabing is Germany’s leading floatation centre.

The centre has two float basins and one float tank, accommodating individuals and couples, which are filled with saturated salt water heated to body temperature to completely support your weight and allow you to float effortlessly. By matching the waters’ temperature to the body, the boundaries between the two dissipate, meaning you are able to completely relax your muscles and succumb to the euphoric weightlessness the floating pool brings.

Premium Float Schwabing provides a superior floating experience by personalising each of its guest’s sessions and allowing them to adapt their environment to suit their relaxation preferences. If they wish, guests can float in complete silence, or to the entrancement of meditative music. Guests can also choose between floating in darkness, allowing them to transcend into infinite space and awareness, or they can enjoy the soft glow of the night sky projected above them.

How the pools work

Premium Float Schwabing wants only the best for its guests, which is why it has invested heavily in its equipment throughout the centre – from the comfy recliner chairs in reception to the pools themselves. The centre features two couples’ pools and a tank for single users, which are each the most modern and technologically advanced on the market. Not only do they allow for the optimum floating session, but they also ensure the highest standard of hygiene, which is of utmost importance to the centre. Although the pools are controlled by automated technology, the staff at Premium Float Schwabing make it a priority to continually monitor their condition and keep them well-maintained.

Benefits of floating pools

The beauty of floating pools is their ability to relax, rejuvenate and repair the body and mind simultaneously. The warm saturated water supports your body, therefore allowing tight muscles to loosen as they give in to the water while the Epsom salt cleanses your skin. This decompresses the spine and removes pressure from stressed joints, providing a relief from pains ranging from a minor ache to intense sciatica. As your body relaxes, endorphins are released in your brain giving you a feeling of happiness and contentment. The experience also gives you the chance to increase your self-awareness and reduce any stress you might be carrying.

Gift the experience

A floating experience is a great gift for couples who want to spend quality time together or for individuals who want to have some alone time and recharge their batteries. Premium Float Schwabing makes this possible with a tempting selection of gift packages. Their ‘romantic gift certificate’ includes a couple’s float experience complete with a rose and sparkling wine to toast to love, while their ‘cocktail package’ allows them to continue celebrating their love at one of Munich’s best bars. Premium Float Schwabing’s floating pools also make for a brilliant birthday experience. With their ‘birthday gift certificate’, guests can celebrate their special day in the tranquillity of a floating pool and look forward a surprise birthday gift. Alternatively, why not treat your loved one like the very important person they are to you on their birthday with the ‘VIP package’ which comes complete with a drink, special handmade chocolates and extra bathing salts?