Exo-Gym Ltd Wins Outdoor Fitness Product of the Year

Winners in the South England Prestige Awards 2021/22 

As we all know, exercise is one of the most important things you can do for both physical and mental wellbeing and exercising outside in the fresh air has even more benefits. Exo-Gym Ltd is a Hove-based fitness business that builds and installs garden gym rigs that enables the whole family to access all the fitness functionality they need to establish a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Owner Alex Evans has a passion for exercising outdoors, which is proven to have significant mental health benefits, and is a keen advocate of the equipment as a key part of a habitual regime that can help you both look and feel great. With the likelihood of working from home becoming more and more commonplace, the Exo-Gym is a quality workout option in your garden that is not to be missed.

The judges were particularly impressed by the adaptability and flexibility of the products available from Alex’s fitness equipment business, which can be custom-built to fit the specific garden space each customer has available. Alternatively, Exo-Gym also work with personal trainers who can establish a private client training setup for a fraction of the cost of a garden studio and the company is also working with commercial gyms and schools to help with fitness across the country. All of the components for the outdoor gyms have been custom engineered and fabricated for Exo-Gym in the UK.

“The adaptability of the products available means they can be custom-built to fit the garden space each customer has available.”

Website: https://www.exo-gym.co.uk/