Cotham Technologies Wins Software Technology Company of the Year

Winners in the Bristol Prestige Awards 2021/22

Commercially operating since 2016, Cotham Technologies is reinventing app development with the innovative solution FloFrame; a software platform – patent pending in the United States and EU – which enables the creation of apps through visual drag-and-drop techniques. This solves a key problem for enterprises that need to rapidly build mobile apps by shortening creation time from months to days. The company licenses its FloFrame technology, marketed as FloPro, and provides factory services to rapidly build bespoke apps for clients as a consulting offering. In addition to its headquarters in Bristol, Cotham Technologies has sales offices in Europe and a presence in the U.S. through strategic partners.

The judges were impressed with the Cotham Technologies’ incredible software, which is set to galvanise the digital revolution worldwide. Instant app creation benefits both businesses and consumers, giving SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to compete against larger players while offering key audiences a streamlined customer experience. Having already attracted a wealth of accolades and industry awards, Cotham is disrupting the industry at large and helping put the UK at the forefront of technological innovation. A testament to its success, the company has recently formed high quality partnerships with global corporations such as Software AG.

“Cotham Technologies is disrupting the industry at large and helping put the UK at the forefront of technological innovation.”

The company is the only UK software company to have developed an enterprise grade no-code native mobile app platform. FloFrame technology creates best in breed mobile apps (iOS and Android) without writing complex software code and the uniqueness of the technology

The company are the only UK HQ company to have been featured in Ovum’s research report on the worldwide enterprise mobile app development platform market (2018-2019). This technology is helping put the UK at the forefront of the global digital app adoption revolution.

The Company has been the recipient of several industry awards and accolades from its customer base including;

  • “Cotham Technologies FloFrame platform has generated a number of mobile applications for Tegos customers located throughout EMEA. This has been achieved in an agile delivery and fast time to market, significantly reducing costs. The resultant native apps have been of outstanding quality and compelling user experience. FloFrame has empowered the development team to prototype quickly and drive real innovation and customer satisfaction.” – Jason Fazackerley CEO, Tegos Group
  • “Cotham Technologies consulting and app factory services has produced a truly awesome app for our holiday park customer base in a rapid time to value. The app has generated additional revenue streams for Elite. Cotham Technologies FloFrame platform gives us a competitive advantage in building distinct differentiated apps providing sticky services for our customers.” – Jamaine Campbell – Elite Dynamics Managing Director