While cosmetic surgery may have been something of a taboo subject in the 1990s, the choice to bolster your looks with a cosmetic procedure could scarcely be more popular in 2020. Far from the drastic and costly procedures which would be splashed across celeb gossip pages, modern cosmetics can be used to bolster your looks, wind back the clock a few (dozen) years or add an entirely new dimension to your personal aesthetic. We explore some of the more prevalent treatments available on the market, as well as the celebrities who showcase the benefits of each treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The treatment: It’s no big secret that the ‘Hollywood smile’ is an exceptional tool in exuding confidence to the world. A neat, straight-toothed smile shows meticulous care over your appearance and perfectly complements the visage of the sophisticated entrepreneur. This doesn’t mean that you have to win the genetics lottery to get the perfect smile, however. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can cover everything from tooth colouring to facial alignment (via surgery or non-invasive corrective devices), completely transforming the way your smile looks. 

How it works: Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide catchment of treatments designed to improve the look of the patients smile. Alignment correction can straighten the teeth to avoid crooked smiles or odd tooth placement, while shaping procedures can give the teeth a more uniform look that is in keeping with the Hollywood ideal. Some patients prefer a more asymmetrical look, but wish to reduce signs of ageing that can show in the teeth – for these a tooth whitening procedure or well-placed crown can gift the recipient with a gleam worthy of the boardroom.

The celebrities: They don’t call it ‘the Hollywood smile’ for nothing; the number of celebrities who have had some variety of cosmetic dentistry is endless. From Tom Cruise to Morgan Freeman, Nicolas Cage to 50 Cent, almost every celebrity in Hollywood appears to have enjoyed some level of superficial dentistry work during their career, speaking volumes about the power of shining those pearly whites. 

Hair Transplants

The treatment: It is a sad inevitability that some of us will eventually suffer from thinning (or entirely disappearing) hairlines as we get older. Unless the Bobby Charlton comb-over comes back into fashion, there’s not much our stylists can do to hide this fate. With hair transplants, however, surgeons can rejuvenate the scalp and promote fresh hair growth in areas which are thinning or even balding, helping to secure a more natural and confident look without the traditional stigmas.

How it works: By transplanting living skin from a donor area, hair transplants promote natural hair growth in areas where hair may have otherwise receded. Hair transplants are not limited to head hair – they can also promote hair growth on other areas of the body (beard, eyelashes, eyebrows etc.) and are extremely popular as a cosmetic procedure to fill in scars caused by accidents or injury. The actual process is minimally invasive, meaning that its effects can be more gradual and naturalised than other cosmetic procedures. 

The celebrity: The sensitive nature of male pattern balding means that celebrities are largely reticent in discussing whether they have had treatments or not. England and Everton footballer Wayne Rooney eschewed this taboo when he openly discussed his own treatment however, admitting he sought out the treatment when he began to bald at age 25. 

Skin Treatments

The treatment: Business travel can be hell on the skin. Between dry plane atmospheres, late nights and sun damage, it is exceptionally easy to find yourself suddenly sporting a dull or tired complexion which can really age the face and reduce confidence in meetings or speeches. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion procedures are an increasingly popular way to revitalise the skin, clearing away debris and dead cells to create a fresher and more energetic look.

How it works: Skin treatments can cover everything from tan services through to tightening and toning (via injections, massage or laser treatment), these procedures can augment and accentuate almost any look. Among these, one of the most effective treatments is microdermabrasion. A non-invasive procedure which can even work for those with sensitive skin, microdermabrasion uses abrasive microcrystals to painlessly clear away debris and dead skin cells. Effective on everything from wrinkles and dull skin to pigmentation and acne, this treatment is a perfect way to rejuvenate your looks. 

The celebrity: Unlike hair transplants, skin treatments are still seen largely as a private procedure, every celebrity wanting to create the illusion that their skin glows naturally. This leads to many celebrities requiring their skincare professionals to sign non-disclosure deals, meaning it can be difficult to find out exactly who has had a treatment and who is just blessed with radiant skin. 

Laser Eye Surgery

The treatment: Not being able to see when it rains, steaming up when you open the oven, constantly swapping between glasses and sunglasses on vacation and needing prescription everything from scuba mask to skiing goggles. Wearing glasses can be a nuisance and if putting contact lenses in each day is not a suitable resolution for you then maybe you will want to consider having laser eye surgery. The procedure takes a matter of minutes to perform and many companies promise 20/20 vision or your money back.

How it works: The surgeon will create a flap to peel back the cornea and allow access to the tissue underneath. Once the flap is open, a highly specialised laser is used to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from the cornea to reshape it so it more accurately focuses light on the retina for improved vision. The flap is then laid back in place and allowed to heal naturally with the aid of antibacterial eye drops. Furthermore, many patients are able to go back to work the following day.

The celebrities: Laser eye surgery is particularly popular among sporting professionals as unless you are Edgar Davids you are unlikely to sport eyewear on the field of play. Tiger Woods underwent LASIK procedure in 1999 after he found contact lenses were cumbersome and distracting in wet and windy weather conditions. NBA player LeBron James and former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli are amongst other sports stars to have undergone the procedure.