Chiltern Wellbeing Foot & Ankle Clinic Wins Podiatry Clinic of the Year

Chiltern Wellbeing Foot & Ankle Clinic is a leading podiatry clinic, working out of their base in Hayes, Middlesex. The experienced team of professionals provide a bespoke diagnosis and treatment plan for every patient in a friendly, confidential and compassionate manner and through their pursuit of the latest technological advancements in the field, are well-positioned to help them achieve their foot health goals. The available procedures have been specifically chosen to assist with some of the most common foot ailments that are both dermatological and biomechanical in nature. They vary from help for patients suffering from verrucae and ingrown nails, to complex sports injuries, arthritis and flat feet — whatever the medical foot condition, the podiatry specialists can offer relief through their comprehensive and personalised treatments.

A holistic approach

Focusing on a holistic approach to their care, the clinic passionately pursues the health and wellbeing of all their patients by offering the most sophisticated diagnostic methods and therapeutic practices. Recognising innate differences that mean no one patient is the same, the team pay special attention to the individual needs of each patient, foregoing the one size fits all approach to foot care and concentrating, instead, on a belief that patients must receive personalised treatments. Universal solutions are often more of a band-aid for on-going problems that individuals may endure, so the clinic is committed to not simply looking for a quick fix, but rather a holistic solution that will have a more sustainable result moving forward. Through their culture of empathetic care and undivided attention, the foot specialists have been able to consistently provide their patients with uncompromising excellence.

A place where locals feel comfortable and confident they will receive the care they need

Since establishing in 2020, the Chiltern Wellbeing Foot & Ankle Clinic has been a mainstay in the area and a place where locals feel comfortable and confident they will receive the care they need, regardless of their specific foot problems. In a short time, the clinic has amassed an extensive list of satisfied patients and generations of families have all been welcomed with the same warm and friendly smile that lets them know their wellbeing is important. Providing first-class care for patients is pivotal to the mission at Chiltern Wellbeing Foot & Ankle Clinic, who want to ensure their community has access to a foot and ankle centre that is able to provide tailored and holistic solutions to their foot care needs or pain. From paediatric to elderly patients, the team offers home visits so no-one is ever left out and specialist gait analysis to diabetic wound care, which is essential in the prevention of amputation.

Judges’ comments:

The judges were particularly impressed by the efforts made at Chiltern Wellbeing Foot & Ankle Clinic to create a destination where everyone is welcome and a friendly face is always guaranteed. As well as utilising some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the podiatry world, they are also committed to delivering a sanctuary for those dealing with physical and mental difficulties. Founder, Funmi Obi, began the clinic with a goal of creating a safe space and has delivered exactly that for patients who travel from a variety of local areas, including Hayes, Hillingdon, Uxbridge and the neighbouring towns.