De’Jon Pier’e was founded and created in August 2015, by De’Jon Pier’e himself. The idea came from the legacy of his late mother Hazel Jean, who ran her own successful retail business for 15 years. Prior to setting up a clothing business, De’Jon Pier’e previously released two albums, building an audience online using the platform MySpace. Although he no longer works on music, he has drawn on past successes to establish a popular clothing brand, with curated online collections that focus on individuality. We caught up with him to find out exactly what it takes to launch a clothing brand, and where he gets his style inspiration from.

What inspired you to set up your own label?

When I used to go to my mum’s shop as I was growing up, I would mix designer clothing with clothes I bought from the charity shop. I realised I loved creating my own ideas on how to dress, and I thought it would be great to have my own brand someday.

Who, or what, inspires you when designing new pieces for the De’Jon Pier’e label?

My inspiration with fashion comes from my late mother. My mum was always very trendy and stylish, and it definitely rubbed off on myself and my brother. I would say we both dress unique and stylish in our own way – we are the complete opposite, really – but in my opinion, it all came from my mum. When designing new pieces for my brand, I listen to my customers and I try and bring out pieces that reflect my personality, mixed with trends I create myself. I don’t really follow trends – I like to see what’s out there, but I never follow anyone else’s.

As a musician, do you think there is a synergy between music and style? If so, what kind of music do you think your brand most relates to?

I do believe there is a force between music and fashion. I believe my music reflects me as a person – I am a weirdo, and it comes out in my music and my brand. Although I don’t record music anymore, I am really proud of my achievements.  I would say my brand relates most to indie music; a very niche kind of market.

What are your favourite pieces from your current collection and why?

My favourite piece from my current collection ‘The Black Collection’ would have to be the Black 7 Boxer Shorts. The design is so simple but effective, and everyone wears black!

How do you stay on top of current trends and ensure your collections remain relevant?

The way I stay relevant is to release collections in stages. When trying to market yourself and keep in the loop, I believe it is important not to release too many collections at once, and try to stick with the seasons if it’s relevant to your brand. The focus is to constantly create ideas and think of different styles whilst listening to customers’ feedback. If you choose to wear my brand, you are choosing to stand out and be different, and stand for ideas and individuality.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of setting up a clothing brand?

Get a striking name and logo, and then figure out what kind of brand you want to be and why. Establishing a solid niche is the first step to success. I believe in confidence, anyone with individuality is sure to stand out and inspire others. My brand represents me as a visionary, where anything is possible.

What was the thinking behind giving the brand your own name? Would you say the label reflects your personality?

The idea about the name of my brand being my first and middle name actually came from my dad. When I decided to finally start up my brand, I was trying to think of a name for just over a month. My dad said, just call it your first and middle name. Initially I thought that would be a bit weird.

It took me a few weeks to think actually, it could work. Once I’d decided that, I needed a logo to reflect the simplicity of the idea. It took a further month to find a graphic designer to create the image I was looking for, but when it all came together, I was so happy.

Why have you decided to remain an ‘online only’ brand, rather than opening a physical store? Is it something you would consider doing in the future?

I chose to remain as an online only brand because it’s easier to handle and manage. I would consider an actual store in the future, but for the moment my brand is doing well just being online, and it means I also have more capital to pursue other ideas.

What is next for the De’Jon Pier’e label?

The next thing for my brand is to go into sponsorship, either for other musicians or sports personalities as I often get approached for this. The future of the brand itself will be more based on boutique ideas, creating clothing to be worn all year round, to cater to men, women, and children, and also to introduce accessories.

What is your best piece of style advice?

Always create your own ideas, no matter how crazy you think they are! You never know, you might see a well-known figure wearing it someday – and that’s my vision.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am still in shock that I have won this award! The fact that people have recommended me for an award and that the judges chose my brand – it’s very shocking to me. I am so grateful to be recognised, considering there are so many brands across the UK.

De’jon Pier’e has been awarded Boutique Fashion Business of the Year by Central England Prestige Awards. The judges were particularly impressed with De’Jon for bringing passion and determination to his brand, along with a natural gift for fashion. His collections are simple yet stylish, made from high-quality fabrics and well-suited to the modern need for expressing individuality. For more information, please visit