Each year students from over 130 different countries study at one of the city’s five universities (Aston, Birmingham, Birmingham City, Newman and University College Birmingham). There are also fantastic opportunities for foreign nationals to fill the gap in job sectors such as healthcare.

With a melting pot of nationalities residing in Birmingham, there are few places in the UK quite as inspiring for learning a new language. New arrivals into the city may wish to undertake a language course to assist with brushing up on their spoken and written English. You could be from Birmingham and would like to be able to converse better with the Spanish guy on your course, or the Italian waitress during your next visit to Piccolino’s in Brindley Place. Alternatively you may simply wish to learn a new language to assist with your future travel endeavours.

Whatever your motive, Brasshouse Language Centre – the largest Adult Education Centre in the UK – specialise in courses and services in over 30 languages and possess the necessary expertise to set you on the path of becoming bi-lingual or even multi-lingual.


From Arabic to Welsh, Brasshouse Language Centre offers a rich and varied curriculum for you to learn from a choice of 33 different world languages.

Brasshouse Language Centre is conveniently situated within Birmingham City Centre, next to Brindley Place and Broad Street. For those residing or studying outside the city centre, Brasshouse have over 20 main centres across the whole of Birmingham. They also run courses in many local community venues, such as primary schools, libraries and community centres.

Whether you are hoping to learn a language to use on vacation, with friends and family at home, or for work in the UK or abroad, Brasshouse Language Centre have a language course for you. The range of long and short courses, and daytime, evening and Saturday courses available provide the flexibility for students to learn a new language in a time frame and at an intensity that suits their availability.

The course tutor will assist students that have already studied a language course in determining which course level they should enrol onto. Likewise if a student is new to languages the staff will help find the right course at the right level.

The average number of students per class is 16 with a maximum of 20 permitted. The minimum class size is eight, ensuring a sociable group-learning environment. The Brasshouse family consists of staff and students from all over the world, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience to create a truly international atmosphere.

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Brasshouse Language Centre
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