Berlin & East Germany Prestige Awards 2020

Berlin has always played by its own rule book. It is this defiance that has given the city its distinct individuality whilst also providing the freedom to allow its creative industries to flourish. As a result, residents and visitors alike have been rewarded with a distinct music, art, fashion and food scene that is second to none.

There is also a serious side to Berlin that often goes under the radar. Tech giants such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon have been quick to flock here in recent years, while it is also home to national headquarters for the likes of Sony, and global headquarters for major companies such as Babbel and SoundCloud. Berlin is a great city to forge a career however the competition is fierce. Those looking to get a step ahead in their business pursuits may want to consider taking an intuitive approach to developing leadership skills with Die Bogenakademie (page 96) as well as learning how to speak with authority through voice coaching from Klanggewinn (page 90).

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