24-7 Services Wins Translation Services of the Year

Winners in the Thailand Prestige Awards 2021/22

24-7 Services is a boutique company specialising in translation services for clients all over the world. Based in Bangkok, the language experts offer help across a wide range of needs, including legal and consultation services for those seeking a visa or work permit in Thailand and assistance for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. With a team of translators, 24-7 Services offers coverage across the whole of Thailand as well as providing services internationally online and via mail. Previous commissions have included official documents, articles, research papers, brochures, websites, manuals and even love letters.

The judges were particularly impressed by the reliable network of freelancers employed at 24-7 Services who carry out the translation projects. Their team consists of linguists fluent in 30 languages who are available 24/7 for work that needs to be completed within a tight deadline. In addition to proficiency in languages, the translation team also possesses expertise within a range of subject matters and industries with each project being assigned to the most suitable translator. 24-7 Services’ commitment to speed and accuracy combined with their intimate knowledge of the various idioms, local terms and industry-specific terminology means they are able to translate documents effectively.

“Their team of linguists are fluent in 30 languages and are available 24/7 for work with tight deadlines.”

Website: www.247services.co.th