Craig Freeman made national news in 2016 after being strangled by a 10-foot python in Australia as part of Dave’s TV series Deadliest Pests Down Under. His battle against Birmingham’s pests may not grab quite as many headlines but the Birmingham Prestige judges have been impressed with his on-going efforts to keep the residential and commercial properties of the second city pest-free. We caught up with Craig to find out more about his invaluable services.

How do the pests in Birmingham differ from those you were dealing with in Australia?

The pests in Birmingham are mostly associated with either poorly maintained/old buildings or peoples poor hygiene. With a few exceptions, not many of these pests will actually hurt you – unlike the hardcore pests in Australia which have the potential to cause serious harm!

What are the most common pests you typically deal with?

Mostly rats and mice but we are currently experiencing more cockroaches and bedbugs.

Does this change depending on the season? 

The seasons/weather create conditions for seasonal pests. I’m getting increasingly good at predicting what is coming next.

Many people associate pests with dirty households or businesses, but surely that is not always the case?

Well in a sense it can be true, pests do NOT discriminate and they will exploit any opportunity for access into dwellings. However, they will be more attracted to pungent smells. Poor hygiene and/or housekeeping can contribute to sustained activity but it is not the only reason pest issues arise.

What advice would you give to residential clients that are perhaps too embarrassed to seek help or business owners that are worried about their reputation?

When an issue occurs it’s NOT a personal attack. Every job is unique and taken with a discreet and advisory approach. Information and education is key to alleviate fears – after all it’s not the pests home, they’re just lodgers. A sympathetic, respectful approach is key. We can sometimes solve problems over the phone.

To what extent do you adapt your services to meet the varying needs of commercial and residential clients?

When our residential customers contact us we provide a reactive service designed to rid their current infestation. Our commercial customers utilise our preventative contractual services designed to safeguard their premises with routine periodic inspections.

What steps do you take to ensure your pest control measures are humane and environmentally friendly?

We provide discreet baiting boxes which house poison as well as conventional trapping methods and pheromones. Where possible, we will always try not to use poison which helps prevent risk of secondary poisoning to non-target species.

What steps can be taken to prevent pest issues from recurring?

Proofing to any property is key to rodent prevention.  Good hygiene will also help reduce the risk of infestation of rodents/insects. Preventative pest control offers good monitoring of the potential risk of infestation which can occur at any time.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Stop That Pest Ltd values all of its customers and always strives to be the best. We pride ourselves on problem solving. Our customers highly recommend us and our reviews reflect this.